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  1. Pricer, I just bought a 2014 GMC 4x4 Sierra Dbl Cab w/ Z71 option and would like to tow using a tow dolly, do you know if this can be done ??
  2. Just bought a 2014 GMC Sierra 4x4 DBL CAB. I don't want to flat tow, but would like to tow it with a tow dolly. Does anyone know if this has been done yet?
  3. I have a 2012 Monaco Monarch 36 SFD that I purchased 1/31/13 new. Since that time I have had a problem with the hydraulic lines leaking, not at the fittings or connections but the black rubber or plastic covering of the line itself. I have notice that after being set-up on campsite for a day or two that if I check to see if I'm still level the panel will show me not level. So I think that I'm losing pressure through the line sheath, The lines don't drip with oil, they are wet with to the touch. The part number and manufacturing date on lines are P/N 248653 Date 09/12/2010. I don't know if your problem could be related to the lines , but I thought I would add my issue to the discussion to see if anyone has heard of it. I'm going to be talking to Monaco and Lippert about this this week.
  4. Here's what I did when I had a jack problem. I had HWH jacks on my 2000 Winnebago. I had one rear jack that would not go down, so I first identified the four solenoids to each jack, then plugged in the working jack solenoid to the non working jack and was able to prove that the trouble was with the solenoid and not the actual jack it's self, because after doing so the jack that did not go down earlier, now went down. I hope that I did not confuse you to much, but it did work for me with trouble shooting my HWH jacks. Good Luck, Bob
  5. Thanks for the reply. Any info that I can get is going to be very useful. I just talked to the service dept at the dealership where I am buying this MH at and they told me that they feel that the screws for the ladder flanges are either to short ,broken or missing. They assured me that they are going to make it right. Fortunately I have friends that have bought motorhomes from this dealership and they say they are trust-worthy. Thanks again for the help. Bobalou22
  6. The only thing that I see that is a potential trouble on this MH ( Monaco Monarch 36SFD ) is that the ladder roof flanges are attached to a very soft spot on the roof. The ladder actually makes the rear roof cap flex when climbing up the ladder. Being that you own a MH made the same year and manufacturer, do you have any like issues ??
  7. Has anyone heard of any issues (troubles) with any 2012 Monaco Monarch gas class A motorhome. I am presently looking to purchase one .
  8. I have been looking at a 2012 Monaco Monarch 36SFD. I know that there is always some troubles with new RV's. Has anyone heard of any issues with this model ??
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    Herman I like your way of thinking.
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