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  1. We have a 2013 Tiffin Phaeton purchased in Nov 2012. Over a year ago, I noticed the "pleather" was starting to flake off our Flexsteel driver and passenger seats. The issue seemed to primarily be where our legs are against the seats. The flaking has gotten progressively worse (worse than when I took the attached photos) and we now have the floor covered in flakes of the plastic coming off the backing material. Our coach is stored outdoors when not in use (about 6-7 months per year), but I always keep all the blinds closed to minimize exposure to UV. I saw a post on another forum where this seems to be a widespread problem with some Flexsteel captain's chairs. All of our other Flexsteel furniture in our coach looks fine. Anyone else experiencing this problem or have suggestions to obtaining a solution from Flexsteel? I have seen a post somewhere that Flexsteel offered an expensive seat cover. Anyone have any experience with this problem? If so, how did you resolve the issue?
  2. We started our RV'ing life style in 2011 towing a PT Cruiser on a car tow dolly before getting tired of messing with getting the vehicle on/off the dolly and storing it when we reached our destinations. In 2012, we adapted the car to flat tow then traded the PT Cruiser this year for a Jeep Wrangler to simplify our vehicle towing experience even more. We had a Master Tow 80HD as mentioned above equipped with the surge brake option. The dolly seemed to be well made, towed well, and we were able to purchase it locally (Indy area) for less than $1,500. I did notice a couple of times that the surge brake would activate when we hit a hard bump in the road which was a bit unnerving. Other that, the surge brake seemed to work OK.
  3. You mentioned that a positive for buying a Super C was wide availability of Freightliner service centers for servicing the chassis. Not sure why you feel that is only true for Super C's. A large percentage (if not majority) of DP's are built on Freightliners and are serviceable at Freightliner truck centers.
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