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  1. Rich, I do still have the manual and it is very detailed graphically. I think I can remove the steering cylinder and not have to remove anything else. It is located under the rig and is an easy access to remove. Mike.
  2. I think you are probably right about the seals and "O" rings. That was my thought also. Just wanted to see if others agreed with me before I took it to a shop. Mike.
  3. That was my thought also Herman. We are not cold weather campers, so I feel that I have time to take it off and see if i can get a shop to replace the seals. Thanks for the input, Mike.
  4. I am new to the Forum, and this is my first attempt at getting some help, but I really do need HELP with this one. First let me say that the Howard Steering Unit is as good as advertised. It makes driving my American Tradition much easier and fatigue is diminished noticeably. I feel it also adds control should tire failure occur. That's the good news. The bad news is that the $3,000 unit's Power Centering Cylinder has a leak, and over a very short distance all the power steering fluid leaked out rendering it worthless. I called the home office in San Antonio Texas (800-879-4277) to try to find a method to have the leak fixed. After numerous attempts (most of the time, I received a busy signal), I finally connected to Sam who informed me that the company was bankrupt and that ALL parts were manufactured at their home plant including all seals and "O" rings which would be the problem if the leak originated at the cylinder, which it did. I am somewhat mechanical and feel that I could remove the cylinder and take it to a hydraulic shop to replace the seals or "O" rings, but Sam said unless the original parts were used, that would be a mistake, for damage could occur or at best if incorrect parts were used, it would continue to leak. What I need to know is, has anyone else had this problem and gotten it solved? We attended the FMCA Oklahoma Rally this Fall, and I ran into two other people who were having the same problem, and they were in the same fix as I am with no resolution.
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