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  1. Just returned from a 5K mile trip out west and had two engine repair incidents . Engine was operating normally pulling a 6 degree incline when an engine amber light ( not the check engine) came on .Contacted Cummins help line advised them of the code displayed and was advised to proceed to the nearest Freightliner Cummins dealer in Calvert City,Ky as the code was a failure of the ECM to communicate with the Regeneration system .Three + hours of diagnostic time and the replacement of an $ .80 fuse in the ECM resulted in a $260 bill even though the engine is under warranty with 19k miles. 800 miles later got another amber light not the check engine.Cummins advised again to proceed to Freightliner Cummins in Laramie,Wy.Their computer found no faults because they did not have the necessary Cummins Insite computer. After being required to pay them $105 for five minutes work they directed us 50 miles back to Cheyenne,Wy to Floyds Freightliner Cummins dealer. After many hours of diagnostic time and necessary removal of engine parts to determine the problem the EGR cooler and EGR valve were replaced .These parts were almost completely packed with carbon deposits with no explanation as to the causeother than failure of the EGR. The good news is that this repair over a period of four days was covered by the Cummins Warranty. The actual cost of the repair is unknown. The engine performed flawlessly for the remaining 2,500 miles. Please be aware that you must determine from the Freightliner location referred to that that they are a dealer with complete Cummins Service with the Cummins Insite computer . Apparently there are many repair shops indicating Cummins Service but do not have the necessary computer equipment to properly diagnose an engine problem. It should be noted that the "Check Engine " never illuminated only the amber engine light but Cummins advised the condition could have led to check engine then derate and stop.Beware of the TA Truck stops service indicating Cummins Service.
  2. Need detailed instruction on the procedure to change the Alliance fuel/water separator and the secondary. Recently purchased this 2015 Renegade Explorer and planning a four week trip out west need this info in the event of bad fuel.
  3. Any idea on how to isolate the entire five 110v awnings with a switch to prevent interference from the generator or inverter. Sounds crazy I know but have you ever seen the awnings extend on their own when the inverter is on and sometimes the gen. These awnings are supposed to be cut out thru the ignition switch but sometimes one or two will extend a foot or two on their own. 2005 Monaco Executive 45'
  4. Raised the tag to check raised height. Turned off the engine got out to check. When I restarted the engine the tag switch light was out no chime and level system not working. Checked tag and it was down and travel light on. If I turned the switch to raise it did not work and the travel light went out.... Any ideas Thanks Tom
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