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  1. Rich, Thank you for the quick response. My husband has been researching MD state laws and they do require you to have a special endorsement on your drivers license for that long of a coach, plus if the coach will have air brakes. It's just learning to drive one, how do most people learn. They can't all just sink all this money into a big 'ole bus and just get in and hope for the best right?! I mean, that's a lot of money. I want to be trained and fully aware of what I should be looking for. A Drivers Ed for motorcoaches. How did you learn to drive your RV? How did anybody? We do want to rent and we won't be able to afford renting a full class A motor coach, we're certainly not millionaires and most coaches seem very expensive to rent. Because we're military we do get to keep our state of legal residency and register our vehicles there as well, so while MD state tax for a new vehicle is 6%, we will be using our home state of NM which has a much lower tax rate. Thankfully we get that perk. But yes my main questions are: where do you learn how to drive these things?! We don't want to sink a possible $300k and have no idea how to use our new home. So any suggestions on that would be appreciated. Are there RV manufactures that we should stay away from, ones that are known for cheap product, bad sales, yada, yada, yada. What do y'all think about Tiffin Motor Coaches? Are they any good? We want something safe, reliable, durable, something that will keep some of it's value, a company that's up to speed on technology, but mainly SAFE! What coaches do y'all suggest us taking a look at? What not to do, what did you learn with your first RV and would pass down to your children if they were interested in the life? Thank you for the appreciation for what we do for a living, it's a wonderful compliment to receive and it's always appreciated. We love our country and we more so love serving it, so it's really a win, win for us. But thank you for your acknowledgement. My nickname is from a little past time that my hubby and I enjoy doing called Hashing (has nothing to do with drugs). It's worldwide and it's been around since 1938. They call themselves a "Drinking Club with a Running Problem". It's a whole bunch of fun, you have to keep an open mind though cause they are the most politically incorrect bunch out there, but sometimes that's a relief. But we get nicknames from doing something stupid usually and the rest of the group finding out about it, hence Urine Tin Tin. Hashing is a ton of fun and great people, if you Google "Hash House Harriers" you can find out more about them. Back on topic, again any and all suggestions, help, advice, anything would be greatly appreciated, especially learning to drive a big expensive bus. Where do all of the celebrity motorcoach drivers to go to learn to drive? I need a Drivers Ed, I really do. Thanks so much! Urine Tin Tin
  2. My husband and I are highly considering becoming full-timers. My husband is still active duty Army and I am retired Air Force and we are currently stationed at Ft Meade, MD for the next few yrs. We just put our house on the market and are hoping it sells soon. We've been doing all sorts of research on the Internet about RVing and we know a few things so far, try it first, meaning take a vacation and see if it's for you. If you buy have your own knowledgeable mechanic go over every inch of the coach. And buy from a reputable dealership. What we don't know and desperately need to is: how in the world do we get our drivers license? Is there a "drivers education" for Class A motorcoaches? What are the safest or most durable Class A motorcoaches out on the market? My husband and I are pretty taken with the Tiffin Phaeton, what does anyone think about that brand? We have settled on a Diesel engine, we know that. What should we look for in a motorcoach? We're not just interested in the pretty interior, we want safety, security, reliability, value, etc. We don't need crystal drawer handles :0) Our price limit we're going for is no more then $300k. So please, any and all advice is welcome, especially how can we learn to drive one?! And a good rental agency so we can try it out? But mainly, our first step is our drivers license. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. Urine Tin Tin
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