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  1. TButler: Thanks for the response comments. YES, we have a Class A. YES, we are pulling a toad. YES, I thought about and agree on the limited value of the windshield pictures but I had to ask anyway. So it is pull off at the 1st opportunity, take a picture and then continue on. We will be at Dakota Ridge RV in about 3 weeks. Dave
  2. I am open to any suggestion on ... How to take scenic pictures that you see out the front of your RV as you are driving? When you see a scenic sight and want to take a picture of it, sometimes it is not possible to stop as there is no pull-off or whatever to allow you to take a picture. Sometimes you just want to take the scenic picture then and there, as moving on just a feet and the scenic sight will gone. Sometimes, you just want to take the scenic picture and keep on driving. My copilot has four-feet and is furry. Clearly, I am not about to try and take a scenic picture with a camera in one hand and continue trying to drive with the other hand. Thank you. Dave
  3. Thanks for all of the replies and feedback, since this is my first time on this forum I hope I am following the rules in responding correctly. We too try to drive about 275 + 25 miles a day, since we are retired and in no hurry. Based on what I have read, sounds like Livingston to Missoula and then the next day to Coeur D'Alene and we will be doing it in late July. We too are going to get out of the desert heat in mid-June for about 3 months or about 6,000 miles of sightseeing, national parks, national monuments and museums. Out of Phoenix and up the eastern side of the Rockies all the way to Lake Louise, AB and then down the western side of the Rockies to Zions before returning to Phoenix in mid-September.
  4. Good Morning: This summer we will be traveling throughout the Mountain West, one area in particular is on I-90 in Montana. We have a 40-foot diesel pusher pulling a car. I was wondering if anyone could comment on driving the 390 miles on I-90 between Livingstone, MT and Coeur D'Alene, ID and if it is recommended to do this drive all in 1-stretch or would it be better to break it into 2-stretches by say stopping in Missoula, MT. The stretch from Missoula, MT to Coeur D'Alene, ID on I-90 appears to be an interesting and maybe challenging stretch with lots of curves to accomplish. Thank You Dave
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