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  1. It should be, what does your owner's manual show? I had a 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha edition that I flat towed for years.
  2. Not in the car wash business. Name is just a play on other factors.
  3. The tag axle on the Newmar will not raise. All the tag axle dump does is dump the air and take some of the weight off the tag to assist with turning. It automatically engages when you shift into reverse & if I recall correctly it only works under 10-15 mph in forward. I use to own a 2005 Newmar Dutch Star & from reading the manual that was how it operated.
  4. I lost my main awning two years ago while driving through Wyoming. Wind gust were around 60 mph, the motorhome handled fine, but a sudden side gust caught the awning just right. After that I made sure I installed an awning lock on the new one, no problems since. For the most part, I do not drive in windy conditions, but sometimes you have no choice.
  5. I stayed two weeks at Hill Country around the middle of January 2013 & just reviewed my notes from the stay. It was nice (had a lot of 80 degree days). I had spent the previous week in San Antonio and it was cold. When I pulled out of HIll Country, I moved over to Kerrville for a couple weeks and it was windy & cool. For the most part the days are pretty nice, but there are some cool mornings.
  6. I tried several forum classifieds, craigslist & a few other locations, but none of them worked for me. I finally used RVT.com and sold my motorhome in two weeks, with multiple buyer inquires. I had 145 pictures of the motorhome and did a detailed description of the motorhome. Had my first inquiry within days after posting on RVT.com. I ended up selling for my asking price, with a back up buyer standing by if the deal fell through. I liked that I did not receive the typical scam or bottom feeders you get with craigslist or ebay. I did my sale in May of this year.
  7. I used to tow a 2008 Hummer H3 and I did not have to disconnect the battery or pull a fuse. No mileage showed up on the odometer when being towed. It was real simple, shift transfer case into neutral, put in park, remove key and go. I'm considering towing a 2014 Silverado, but just noticed a service bulletin issued in June 2013 on flat towing. They now call for removing the negative cable at the battery & leaving the key in with the ignition key on accessory. I don't like the additional steps now required and I think it would be a real pain losing all your presets everytime you disconnected from the battery.
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