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    My Ride

    Thank you. We are now living full time in the coach. On our first longer trip with our new home. Heading from upstate NY to Cincinnati. Been fun to drive.
  2. medico

    My Ride

    Very nice. You really spent time doing a great job. Is that some sort of Murphy Bed with a mirror on the bottom? If not, where's the bed?
  3. First to the original OP, congrats on your Allegro Bus. That is a fantastic coach. The wet floor delamination problem has been solved from what I read. The MHs having this problem were early 2000s models (possibly late 1990s as well). I also believe the cracks on the rear slide were on the 45 foot coaches. I do not remember reading about this problem on the 40 or for that matter the 43 foot coaches. Perhaps I am remembering incorrectly, but I don't think so. I prefer the Allegro Bus over the Phaeton. Yes it is more money, but you get what you pay for. There is little comparison between the rides of the 2 coaches. I have driven both in 43 and 40 foot lengths and the Bus is a much smoother ride. Also the overall fit and finish of the Bus is top notch.
  4. Welcome to the FMCA forum web site. You will like it here!
  5. Sorry, could not remember if I posted here or not. If this is a duplicate I apologize. I never did get it to fit either. No matter how much I stretched the door, it would not go in. We have the house and one vehicle for sale. Gonna be in this area until Oct., then moving south. Wife is scheduled to retire in Sept. Getting settled in now. Still learning some of the electronics and intricacies of a MH. Having a ball so far.
  6. We are now living FT in our coach. The coach is a 45 foot Country Coach Magna Rembrandt coach. Here are a couple of shots:
  7. There are some parks that you will not fit in. I have a 45 foot coach and really appreciate the extra space. Get a copy of Big Rigs Best Bets, 13th edition. This guide is choke full of parks that do accommodate larger rigs and is constantly being updated. It is available in Print and digital editions. It is a fantastic resource.
  8. Have you tried contacting Country Coach through their web site. You could also try the Yahoo CC Owners group.
  9. If I were going to trade my Country Coach on a new coach, it would be that floor plan in the Tour, a Newmar Dutch Star or a Tiffin Allegro Bus. All would be 42/43 feet with a tag. I would lean toward the Tiffin, but it was somewhat more money. The Tour and Newmar were almost identical money and very similar. The only thing I liked a little better on the Newmar was the Comfort Ride steering. I do have to say though my first choice would be Tiffin. I just liked the overall feel of this coach, plus I actually talked with Bob Tiffin at Hershey last year and was impressed. You cannot go wrong with any of these coaches. They are all well made and should give years of service.
  10. You will have to get off 81 in NY to see the NY Wine Trails. You might want to consider heading west on Rte. 86 (NYS Rte. 17) in Binghamton toward Elmira. The link should give you all the info you need to see several Wine Trails in the Finger Lakes. Head north from Rte. 86 on any of several routes will put you into NY wine country. If you continue up Rte. 81, you would have to head west, possible on the NYS Thruway (Rte. 90) to get to the Finger Lakes. This would take you through Syracuse, but before the Rally. Four trails in particular are in the Finger Lakes: Keuka Trail, Cayuga Trail, Canandaigua Trail and Seneca Trail. Perhaps we'll see you at The Rally as we will be arriving on Thursday.
  11. I agree, leasing these type of vehicles just does not make sense from a lenders standpoint. Too much to loose early in the lease (years one to three)
  12. Good point Brett, that also makes sense. You would need to buy these vehicles at huge discounts, more than are offered, to make this a tenable option. Most leased vehicles are new, and the first few years MHs depreciate huge amounts, much more than is recovered with lease payments. The lenders would probably have to only lease 4 or 5 year old vehicles or older to make this viable. Just take a look at short term renting of a MH, even less expensive MHs to see what the costs are.
  13. I have never seen anything about leasing a MH. Perhaps that is because the lenders do not wish to do this with this type vehicle. Perhaps they believe without the larger down payment and without the larger payments, the risk is too high that these vehicles can disappear too easily. Not sure, but this does make sense.
  14. GMAC will give you a very comprehensive quote. Be sure you get the RV Vacation insurance as well. This is the insurance that covers you if someone is visiting and gets hurt in your rig. In the US if we own a home our home owners insurance would supply this insurance. Since you are from Germany, you will need this extra liability insurance. You should get at least 250K/500K comprehensive/collision coverage with at least 100K RV vacation liability coverage. The 250K/500K covers you when on the move, the 100K covers you when parked at an RV Park. In fact my full time coverage includes 250K/500K for my RV vacation coverage. There are several other coverages you should have, but the quote should include all this. I have also heard good things about Blue Sky insurance. You might have a different situation because of your non-resident status.
  15. Glad you solved your problem. For others reading this, my coach has an engine emergency stop push button in the engine compartment. Always check to see if yours does. I also have a switch which connects the house batteries to the chassis battery for starting assistance. In your case, it probably is time for replacements.
  16. Someone in another forum said the same thing, LOL. I tried the automatic door stretcher, but it malfunctioned. Of well, it's only going to be here until April 26th, then on to the RV Park.
  17. New pictures of the coach at our (for now) home. The listing went up 2 days before we arrived home with the coach.
  18. I have read discussions on several companies. ACC Warranty, Wholesale Warranty, Good Sam Warranty to name three. These discussions, if my memory serves me, were on the Escapees Forums and the iRV2 Forums. I do not remember seeing this discussion in this forum.
  19. We are picking up our 2006 Country Coach Magna 630 Rembrandt on Thursday. Here are a couple of shots: My bride of 41 years is peeking out of the lavatory! The house has just been listed. Wish us luck in a quick sale!
  20. It's been in the 20's and snowing in Western, NY. Winnipeg, you can keep those temps. We pick our MH up on the 28rd. Will stick around here until Sept. or Oct. when my wife retires. We will be heading south before the snow flies again later this year.
  21. Thank you for the update.
  22. Try the Contact Us section of the Country Coach web site. They do service and parts, perhaps they could help.
  23. This appeared in another forum. It seems something that should be investigated as it does not sound like something we should aspire to.
  24. I had the same as Herman. I got GMAC quotes through GS and FMCA, and GS was considerably lower in the couple hundred dollar range. GMAC was also considerably lower than all other quotes, both for MH only and for MH with Toad going FT.
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