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  1. WiFiRanger Mobile along with the WiFiRanger Go is an excellent system for grabbing WiFi from a distance. They are expensive, but worth the money.
  2. Motorhome magazine Dinghy Towing Guides. It appears 2013 is not available yet.
  3. I have to agree. AquaHot runs either off the electric if you are plugged in or the diesel if not plugged in. I would think that running the generator will provide the electric to heat with AquaHot on the road, but since the generator also uses diesel, I would think just running the AquaHot from diesel would be more efficient and put less wear on the generator. These are just observations from a very new DP owner, but seem to make sense.
  4. I have quotes from WW, Good Sam and ACC Warranty. By far the best quote on my coach was from ACC Warranty. They are A+ rated by BBB. I found all good reviews. Their Premier Extended warranty includes Roadside Assistance. Unlimited towing (this is needed with my coach because it needs to be lowboy towed), unlimited tire protection, trip interruption, etc. and the best exclusionary package I have seen. I guess I disagree with the last poster. I have seen bad reports from all companies mentioned here. When I use an independent source to look for reviews, I see nothing but 4 or 5s which is the best they can get. I guess my decision will be to even bother with an Extended Service Plan, or bank the money and take my chances. None of these plans is inexpensive. Don't know what else to say.
  5. I was able to add a picture to my signature easily enough. Was allowed to link to Photo Bucket. By the way, that's why I did not use my mug for my avatar! LOL
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