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  1. Interesting service. I visited the website the OP posted and requested they consider 50 amp plugs and market to the RV community. If big trucks aren't using them, I sure will.
  2. I'm sure you will find valid contradictory feedback about any seller or dealer. Regardless of buying a previously owned coach from a dealer or private seller, I found a few basics that have helped ensure I had a great purchasing experience and get the most out of my new-to-me rv. This is my opinion and in no way, shape, or form is meant to be a complete list. Research: I identified my budget, how I would use the coach and my “must haves.” Sounds like you’ve done that. I got the money together so I could make an offer when I found my coach. I found knowledgeable people to help me with my purchase – mechanics, and people who knew the specific coach I was buying. I researched the coach I was buying looking for recalls, reviews, known issues, talked to owners, and became familiar with the coach's chassis, engine, electrical and house systems. I had a ballpark idea what the going prices were. Once on the lot I checked: Tire date codes and condition including tread wear and cracking. Uneven tread can be a sign of over or under inflation, among other things. Cracking, easily seen on sidewalls, typically means dry rot. Both are very dangerous. Most tire people say to replace your tires, regardless of tread wear or condition, between 5 and 7 years. To give you an idea of cost, this summer through the Michelin FMCA tire program I will be buying 8, 315/80r22.5 tires for just under $700 per each installed. Chassis and House Battery age and condition. This is another big ticket item. My manufacturer has a standard price for my house batteries of $3800. Look for service records and receipts. Overall inside condition and operation of the house. Microwave, stove, AC and heat, plumbing. Look for leaks, signs of fire, condition of electrical outlets. If tv is important to you, the age and provider and HD compatibility of installed satellite system. Overall outside condition and operation of the chassis. I checked all the lights, turn signals, brakes, headlamps, reflectors, looked for cracks in the windshield, washer fluid/wiper operation, made sure the horn worked. Basically everything from a DMV commercial Pre-trip inspection test. Check roof condition. In the engine compartment I looked for leaks, wire and belt condition and fluid levels. On a test drive I looked for: Stability, driveability and noises. These things do have normal noises, but if anything stuck out I would ask and research the response. I checked the operation of the brakes, throttle response and acceleration, Jake brake and operation of all gears. I made sure the radio and dash heat and air were operational. I checked all gauges to ensure air, oil and water temps were with-in normal ranges with stable needles. A jumpy needle can mean a leak at the gauge. I negotiated a price that reflected known issues and left myself 10k for initial service and unforeseen repairs. I also negotiated a Pre-delivery Inspection to get trained on the coach's systems and to identify any known issues that would be covered by the seller. I had a couple sellers asking market value that would not budge on the price when confronted with 5+ year-old tires. I left immediately. Good luck. You’re going to love it!
  3. I loved my 2003 3-slide Dutchstar. I put 25,000 miles on it a year and it ran and drove with no major issues. Their attention to detail is impressive - Newmar is certainly a great product and great value. Even more impressive was their customer support and service. Every Newmar person I was in communication with knew what they were talking about and treated me like I was the only customer they had. The Spartan chassis people were great too. A late night phone call on New Years Eve trying to figure out an alarm related to a speedometer issue proved to me they were there for me anytime. All the best with your purchase. Kevin
  4. My wife and I joined FMCA this past February and have already taken advantage of, and greatly appreciate the discounts and other benefits of membership. Mostly, we admire and support the spirit and intention of FMCA. Both of us have had some kind of RV in our lives since we were kids and enjoy the lifestyle and the people we meet. For us, FMCA and its rich history exemplify the strong commitment to community, family and all around good will that we strive to live by every day. Safe travels! Kevin and Deb
  5. Hi Bradrm, This past Memorial weekend my wife and I made the drive to the coast by way of 299 West toward Eureka and then North on 101. With the construction, tight turns, and many grades, some reaching as steep as 9%, it was very slow. On the upside, it’s a beautiful drive and we got to see a lot of Bigfoot paraphernalia. If you’re not opposed to boondocking, 299 has a rest area with a dump station about 3 miles east of Slayer. We were one of two vehicles that stayed the night. The place was quiet with very little traffic. No Verizon or ATT cell service though. I second the Mill Casino RV Park in Coos Bay. Free internet, nice folks and an enclosed pet area. Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort in Newport ranks as one of the most beautiful spots we’ve ever parked. Perched on a peak overlooking the Pacific, the views are breathtaking and our dogs loved the almost private beach a short 5-minute walk down from our site. We stayed two nights in a Premier Resort in Salem - another very friendly and clean place to stop with nice sized back-ins and pull-throughs. They also have parks on the coast in Wilson City, as well as Eugene and Redding, CA. The Northern California and Oregon coast is an amazing drive. If you have the time, we enjoyed our tourist-trap stops at the Trees of Mystery in Klamath, Prehistoric Gardens (a short, educational walk around life size dinosaurs) in Gold Beach and the Sea Lion Caves in Florence. Just be sure to mind the grades, gear down and be under the curve speed limits. After all that, I-5 South will be a cake walk. Safe travels.
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