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  1. If you want to give your motor a workout take I-70 west out of Denver its all up hill until you hit the Eisenhower tunnel at 11K ft, then down for about 8 miles but man it sure is pretty.
  2. I dropped a valve in my 400 Cumapart years ago actually the start of the mess was the valve seat dropped out and stuck the valve. When I took it apart found it killed the front head and two liners and pistons. Didn't hurt the turbo, had to clean out the bits and pieces out of the intake aftercooler. I think it cost me around $2k to get back on the road. After that I switched to a new Pete with a 3406 Cat and didn't worry about it anymore.
  3. My Patriot Thunder 06 has a 05 C-13 525 hp and take it from a old trucker this thing is plenty stout. I get 6-6.5 mpg flat uphill down hill just seems to stay the same. And contrary to what some say you do loose horse power at higher elevations my turbo boost pressure drops from 48 psi to 40 at 10K -11k ft. but your still passing all the trucks and about half of the cars. The C 13 is in the same class as the C 15 which were installed in tons of line haul trucks. It has a 1 million mile before overhaul life.
  4. To answer your question on windshield glass quality, give RV Glass Solutions a call and they will be happy to answer. When we got a rock in the Beaver windshield I stopped at Monaco In Colburg, Or. and guess who they have do their windshields? RV Glass Solutions in Eugene arranged everything through my insurance co and in no time we had a new OEM windshield.
  5. I have one in the wide front compartment, which I have the BBQ, chairs and my tool box in the middle, works good for those items. On the drivers side if the living rm slide is out you still have to get down under it to get at anything even with the tray slide all the way out. With the other compartments I looked at sliders but I agree with you that they take up room, cost too much so I just use large plastic tubs and a old handle with a hook on the end. One compartment has the 7' ladder and other items that would not fit in any slider.
  6. In the trucking business we had a saying "There is no substitute for raw horsepower" the same goes for MH's the more power the easier the trip. The Beaver has 525 and at times I wish it had more. This thing loves mountains up or down makes no difference and towing the Honda don't know its back there have to check the camera every now and then.
  7. I have been a Directv customer for years and would take a box with us when we traveled, no problem, so now we buy a house in Az and a Beaver Patriot Thunder with a dome on it, so I call Directv and after a hour going round and round with their order desk I had a appointment set up to install two boxes in the Beaver. Tech shows up and states that he cannot install in a MH, I had already explained all this with the order idiot, tech gets on the horn to his Directv contact and explains the deal as no go, he hands me the phone so I can tell them to take their service and stick it where the sun will not shine, went to Camping World bought two HiDef boxes called the satellite tech to come out and reprogram the Winegard for Dish, installed the boxes a little set up and we are in business. Plus the Dish program can be stopped and started at anytime without charges and I OWN the equipment. Sweet
  8. Every now and then the front fold down TV will not come down, when it is working correctly you hear a loud click when the relay powers the motor. When it does not work you only hear a faint click and no motor movement. Five minutes later it will work fine, it has only not worked a couple of time. Part time electrical problem are a pain. Also does any Monoco owners out there know how to get the TV panel to drop down if the motor will not run? Has a manual crank but you cannot get at it with the panel in the up position. I have also asked Monoco this same question, I would bet I will get the answer here before they reply.
  9. Jemellis, you did not say where you are located. Go online and do some research. Here's a place to start: http://www.glastop.com/?gclid=CICSo-Gf7LUCFcyiPAodAFUAKQ
  10. It is just crazy how some of these shops can take these people to the cleaners on repairs and modifications to their motorhomes. Before you go to someone for anything, do your research online and in these forums. You can find out how to do anything with a little bit of research. Even if you can not do the job yourself you will know in advance what is involved. Bring that coach out here to Mesa, Ariz. RV Renovators can do all to a motorhome. Just don't come in the summer time, winter only. Lee
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