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  1. Good for you going full time! My husband and I are doing the same next month. We are both retired and still young enough to get out there and tour the country so we are going for it! Wintering in Florida and then heading west. We have a 37 foot Class A so it is like having a house on wheels. We love living in our RV. Being on your own with the pooch it should be a good solution for the rising cost of housing. Good luck! Eileen
  2. My husband and I both know we want to full time and will be in October. Heading to Florida for the winter and then starting our adventure. We have a class A coach. Our main question right now is how to we establish residency in Florida so we can make it our home base for car registration, inspection, voting etc. We are using my mother in laws address for our mail for the winter since our mail got so messed up last winter. We will be living in Florida for the winters for about 5-6 months. Where do we start? Right now we live in Maine. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Eileen
  3. My cats tried to get in behind the dash too! We blocked it off with some packing material we had with us and later put a small foot stool in there to block access. My Brady loves to go under the kitchen sink! If he can find an opening he has to check it out ; )
  4. We have just started traveling in an RV. My cats are my kids so they have to be with us. At first they didn't like it. They were afraid and would hide or try to escape. Now they still tend to hide when we are in motion, but when we are parked they are at home and happy. My Brady likes to sleep in the over head compartment in the cab where we keep our DVR and blue ray. Brandie has her corner of the sofa. They love to sit on the back of the sofa and look out at the neighbors at the park or watch birds and squirrels. I keep the litter box cleaned out daily to keep down odors, but the tracking is an on going problem as it is in our house. Part of being a cat parent. I just keep a small hand vac with us and sweep daily. Our cats run our RV.....
  5. I'm totally new to wireless internet. I've used wifi at campgrounds, but that is about the extent of my knowledge : ) I recently purchased a lap top computer and need to find out how to get access to the internet on the road. I've looked on line to see what is available and did talk with someone at the AT&T phone store, but I'm still in the dark as to what direction to head in. Could you help me with the options??? WE just use our computer for e-mail and some internet surfing, but thats it. Would appreciate any input. Thanks.
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