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  1. Base on FMCA web site https://www.fmca.com/fmca-verizon-4g-mifi I can't get Verizon to honor FMCA Connect-on-the-Go I looked at the FAQ section and 3rd from the bottom it states I Can suspend my data plan when I’m not using it "TWICE A YEAR" But when I call Verizon they tell me they have no such plan with FMCA or anyone ? Copy paste from FMCA web site below Verizon's standard suspension policy allows you to suspend your service up to 90 days, twice a year. You have 2 options for how you'll be billed while your device is suspended: With billing - You'll be billed for all services and features during the suspension period. However, your contract and upgrade eligibility dates won't be impacted. Reduced rate billing - You can suspend at a reduced rate of $10/mo. Monthly device payments will continue under your device payment agreement. If you choose this option, your contract and upgrade eligibility dates will be extended for however long your line is suspended.
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