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  1. On Michelin RV 22.5 tires, I checked at the Manitoba Costco's & they had no listing for them and said they could not supply them. Probably the same story at all Canadian Costco's. With the FMCA Michelin Advantage tire program, they do indicate it is not available in Canada. However, much of our traveling is in the US so this isn't an issue. I have called ahead to a Michelin dealer that participates in the program (Sioux Falls ,South Dakota in my case) which was on our route. They arranged to have the tires I needed on hand when I arrive. This, for us, has made the FMCA membership worth having.
  2. Hi jrwitt, The data 30 or 60 day time starts when you register or activate the card. I have purchased a card when leaving the US from a US Walmart so that I have it on hand to start service when returning to the US the next time. Also I can check in on my T-Mobile account to see days left & data used so far during the 30 or 60 days. I was almost going to buy the Virgin MIFI device at US Walmart but learned the coverage isn't as good , but it's also not expensive to keep going, data for Walmarts Virgin cards where $20 , 30 days, 1GB. As ClayL mentioned, Verizon has the best coverage but when I checked prices data was more expenive, I believe from US Walmat is $50 , 30 days, 1 GB. See Walmarts US info on T-Mobile: http://www.walmart.com/ip/T-Mobile-35-Prepaid-Mobile-Broadband-Pass-Email-Delivery/21191046?findingMethod=rr
  3. I installed a LED LCD tv into the orginal wooden cabinet in place of the old CRT tv. The new tv was about 1/4 narrower than the cabinet inside width so was mounted in from behind and held in place with wood trim strips behind the tv. So no tv mounting kit was used. A gap at the top had to be fill with a piece of maple that matched the cabinet. LED tv's are very thin & light so mount easily. I think the Westinghouse 32" model I used weighted 14 lbs.
  4. I also have the new Garmin Dezl 760 LMT. I like the additional info it displays in the RV mode like the grade of the road in %, warning of curves ahead, bridge heights, high wind areas the easy to view 7" screen, Bluetooth so links to cell phone,etc.
  5. I agree with smokeater, we also went with T-Mobile pay as you go except we purchased the MIFI device , not the stick. Same idea however. We purchase device at a US Walmart , the pay as you go data cards as well. A $35 card from Walmart is good for 3.5 GB. for 60 days, $25 good for 1.5 GB. for 30 days. Coverage has been good. We didn't fine T-Mobile been sold in every Walmart , had to check at a couple of Walmarts in different areas to find T-Mobile device & cards.
  6. Garmin's red light camera POI is called CYCLOPS and is available for US & Canada and is put in the POI folder of most Garmin units. It seems to warn you of an upcoming red light camera about 800 feet before the camera location by beeping & showing a warning on the GPS screen. It works well. On the new Garmin Dezl 760 the warning is very noticable in big red letters accross the top of the screen.
  7. As indicated above, was on the rear differential on my 02. NAPA stocked this part, for me about 2/3 's Fords price.
  8. My previous Motorhome was on a 02 Ford V10 chassis, the current is a 05 Workhorse 8.1/Allison chassis. I was very pleased with the Ford chassis & had no problems in 40,000 miles. The Chevy/Allison chassis seems to have more power. I noticed that it down shifts less often, or later when going up inclines. I am very happy with the Workhorse chassis. However, the 05 & later Fords do have higher HP. So far the fuel mileage has been a bit better with the Chevy.
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