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  1. Hello Jazzie, I have never heard of Gel coat peeling, Did you mean clearcoat?.. If indeed you meant gel coat could you describe the condition a little better. Get coat has a chemical bond and cannot really separate from the fiberglass.
  2. When it reverts to defrost that is telling me your running out of vacuum. It could be a leak in the vacuum storage container. Mine had that. Ford wanted over 1000.00 to put in a new one. It seems you have to dissemble the whole vehicle to get to it. I had my mechanic put in a different one on the firewall, works like a charm. One other thing It could be an exhaust noise, that year was famous for that. Knocking when under load.
  3. I use R/V parks and reviews as my first shot Here is the link . http://rvparkreviews.com/ Fair Winds Dave
  4. Mr. Butler I think you hit the nail on the head. It sure looks like it, from what I remember. Thanks Dave
  5. Nope that is not the one. I do know where there are two of the Jimmy's though. The one I am referring to has a longer nose and I mean long on the front. Think of a jet fighter. Thanks for the help though. I'll keep looking
  6. Hi all In the 70's or early 80's there was a motorhome that had a long nose piece, Kind of looked like a jet from the front. (reminded me of the Concord. If I remember correctly it was about the size of a class C. I was thinking Winnebago made them and for some reason Discovery comes to mind. I was trying to locate a picture of one to show my DW. At the time it was my dream Motorhome. I have never seen the inside of one. Thanks for any Info you can give. Dave
  7. You could use IEspell it's a freebee. I found out that Internet Exploder has a spell check.
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