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  1. Hi, was reading your issues with your Thor RV & your story hit close to home. I bought my 2013 Tuscany 45LT last July & it was in the shop almost 1/2 of the time I've owned it. I was disgusted! I do want to report that after all my bitching, I was contacted by Thor in Elkhart & they wanted to pick up my RV in New Hampshire & bring it to their service facility across from their manufacturing plant in Indiana. I agreed & they had it for t solid weeks & fixed everything & more. They spent a lot of time & money to make it right & they did. I drove the RV home 950 miles problem free & am once again happy that I bought it. Kudos to their repair facility & the people that made it happen. Don't know if this info will help you in any way, but maybe it can. ranjoorian
  2. I have a 2013 Tuscany 45LT that just came home from dealer servicing many warranty issues. It had been there for 9 full weeks. I drove it home & tried to set it up at my home & after automatically setting the hydraulic leveling system. I then started to extend one of the slides which runs off the Lippert leveling pump & the room only extended 3-4" before it stopped. I tried everything I knew how to do & go nowhere. Called dealer immediately & told them what just happened & they had no idea. Right now I have a $350,000 RV sitting in my yard with all 4 jacks down & one slide partially extended & cannot retract either & cannot move the RV at all. The Lippert system in this RV is JUNK! My last RV has a Power Gear system & never had an issue in 4 years. I am waiting for the dealer to send a tech to my home & hope they can do something in the field to at least retract everything & then it will have to go right back where I just drove it home from. NIGHTMARE!
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