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  1. Sounds as though that could be the problem with mine, the fan runs high speed only.
  2. No Joe, I am waiting for my storage building to be completed, then it goes in for the makeover!
  3. Generally speaking, one would not need access to the actual wiring runs, however, places with connections, terminations, boxes, switches etc, yes.
  4. My old 80s vintage Silverton had schematics with it in the owner's literature, my new Robalo did not. Granted, the wires are labeled, a big help, and the wiring was just as sloppy as the Silverton. High-end manufacturers within the boat industry produce nicely done products, wiring and all. Not certain where the motorhomes are at these days. My old Allegro BUS does have schematics included but you are right about the wiring all over the place!
  5. I would say that the motorhome industry is about where the boat industry was in the 80s and early 90s, some pretty shoddy stuff being built but it all looked real pretty. If you look back at the early glass boats such as Hatts and Chris-craft, most were overbuilt. Same was true with the Bluebird Coaches. Enter a bunch of backyard boat "builders" turning out junk for a quick profit and we see the 80s. Stringers made of pine and painted with gelcoat, terrible wiring, seats that fell apart etc. We see motorhomes with no provisions being built into the construction to prevent the core material in the walls from getting wet and delaminating. In both cases, there are/were limited knowledgeable resources to repair this stuff. I have a new boat which I am selling and will most likely purchase another old boat to restore. Also have an old motorhome but it does allow me to work on most of the systems myself without any special tools or talents. Saddest part of this is, the dumbing down of our society/workforce is going to further limit options for the future.
  6. The camera is mounted to the rear "cap" so I'm uncertain whether there is access from the inside because there is a pretty good distance between the rear wall of the bedroom and the cap but I'll check once I get it back. If that is the case, the job will be easier than I anticipated. The good news is that my mechanic has been working on my coach off and on since last Thursday and so far he says everything is in great shape. He ordered the kit for the air dryer along with some other filters and once they arrive he is going to finish it up including the internal transmission filter and fluid.
  7. That is a good point wolfe 10, I shall check it out prior to purchasing any new components. My camera is one those which appears "integrated" into the rear of the vehicle, so that is another concern.
  8. Thank you Teddy, I will check it out. My main concern is the wiring as that would be a real pain to replace.
  9. Typical to see this in boats, generally not structurally related but a pain to correct.
  10. I purchased a 1999 Tiffin, well used I might add, and have been working on her, fixing things as I come across them. If I had purchased new and had "issues" I would be extremely upset. It sounds as though many substandard materials have been used in the construction of your motorhome. Perhaps you can find a contact within the hierarchy at Fleetwood and send some pictures of your problem hardware. The wiring stuff certainly is fixable, I would find another dealer.
  11. Wow, great information. Once I get our coach back I will check it out. Thanks so much!!
  12. My son pulled it out and cleaned the vent and the floor beneath, I have not tried it since as was trying to fix other things. Once I get it back from the shop I will try again but does not explain the cycle not stopping when the wash is completed. Will do the vinegar too, I use that in my home machine as well. Great advise for everyone.
  13. Yes I can see it filling with water. It requires me to drain the water and then I can manually go to the dry cycle, however, I did not notice any heat when drying. Ultimately, I ended up unplugging it as it won't turn off, it continues to run through the cycles.
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