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  1. Most roadside assistance packages are for breakdowns, not accidents.
  2. We got 10 years of use out of a Walmart MAXX battery, so we replaced it with another one - the OEM battery in our 2007 Bounder gave up at 4 years...
  3. Have you tried following their suggestion:
  4. I'll give it a try: One: Alan Two: US Army Airborne Three: Two years - 1971-73 Four: Made E3 from both directions... Five: Paratrooper - M60 machine gunner Six: Vietnam-era, Ft Bragg, NC Our son is currently in the US Navy (2005-present) and his daughter is currently in the US Air Force (2021-present) - that makes 5 generations that have served!
  5. That photo looks like it was taken in the storage yard we just left, after over 30 years with them! We weren't happy with the rent going from $150 per month to $350 per month, and an added $100 per year for "administrative" fees...
  6. Back in the day we bought a new, 1989 Shasta fifth wheel - 34 foot front living room model. We were about 1200 miles from home when we found the same issue: pin box seemingly "floating" instead of being solid. It turned out that when the chassis was built they start by tack-welding the various pieces together and then go back and run beads for the entire joint, except during the time ours was built the welders were on strike. Apparently a handful of units, including ours, were tack-welded, but never finished off, so after some random time on the road the tack-welds would break. In our case, the ONLY thing holding our trailer together was the wood framing! The solution was to basically disassemble the entire overhang section of the trailer and weld the chassis back together, then rebuild the body. Even though we were a few months out of warranty, Shasta paid for all the repairs, and put us up in a hotel and paid for our meals while the repairs were being done. We sold that trailer shortly after that...
  7. Doesn't look like there's a lot of clearance between the vehicles - tight turns might be an issue. And I don't know if I would want the front suspension just hanging there like that - it will put a lot of unusual stress on the struts and/or springs and shocks...
  8. If I recall, FMCA WAS being criticized about a week or so ago, before they cancelled the Tucson event...
  9. The email I received recently said that the cost was going up to $159 ... puts it right where CoachNet sits.
  10. We've been with CoachNet for 13 years now - I got a nail in the rear tire on my motorcycle one day and they had no problem getting me to the motorcycle shop for a new tube in the tire. No charge to me for the tow. We had an awning topper get damaged in the wind while driving through Arizona a few years back and CoachNet dispatched a mechanic to remove the topper for us, in a Pilot gas station. We had to pay his hourly labor fee, but no other charges. And then we had a flat tire on the motorhome once and they dispatched a truck to the RV park we were parked at, with a decent used tire that he swapped out on-site - we paid for the tire but nothing more. Our CoachNet account is ready for renewal right now and we had thought about switching over to FMCA, but then yesterday I got an email stating that the FMCA roadside assistance will be going up in March to exactly what we pay for CoachNet - so we decided to stay with CoachNet!
  11. Another option is Dave Root up in Oregon - he'll travel to your location and fix your windows on-site in a day. We had ours done by him about a year ago - contacted him online and set up an appointment when he was coming down to California. He showed up at our storage yard at 8am and was done with 5 windows by 3:30pm - a little over a year later and th windows are still clear.
  12. TST offers senders that are flow-through - you remove the valve cap but the sender remains in place. Some say that the air flow through the senders is reduced somewhat, but I've never felt the need to test how much it's reduced. They seem to work well on my motorhome...
  13. If you're anywhere near San Jose, Ca there is a place called Leale's RV Repair that will give you 4-corner weights for free with any service. they do good work and are friendly folks.
  14. We've had our smart car since they first became available in 2008, and we've been towing it behind our motorhome since new. We use a Blue Ox baseplate and tow bar, and use a bungee cord on the steering wheel to help keep the steering stable when towing. Starting with the 2009 model smart recommended adding a battery cutoff switch to prevent inadvertent ignition activation during towing, but we've never had a problem.
  15. According to TST literature the flow-through sensors they supply with their 507 system weigh in at 12 grams, or about 0.4 ounces, each...
  16. This question fits right in with "Why should I buy a Ford over a Chevy?", or "Why should I vote for a Republican over a Democrat?", or "Why should I marry a redhead over a brunette?" - you'll get everything from reasoned responses to emotional outcries - in the end whichever one you prefer will be the right choice for you.
  17. If the batteries check out okay, another issue may be the motor in the shade itself. My 2007 Bounder had that problem - the shade eventually stopped working completely. The manufacturer, AutoMotion, was not much help. They did provide me with a PDF file showing how to adjust the limit switches, but that did not solve the problem, which was a bad motor. They do not offer replacement motors at all - they prefer you replace the entire shade. I did, however, work out a way to replace the motor myself for about $100 instead of paying $800 for a new shade. It required me fabricating a drive gear for the replacement motor I found but its been working great and the motor I found is actually more powerful than the original. I can send the PDF file I wrote detailing how I fixed it if anyone is interested.
  18. Not sure about the rectangular hole, but the round hole looks like it would be for a 12VDC outlet - aka cigarette lighter or 12VDC power port.
  19. At one time we had a Triumph fifth wheel, made by Fleetwood, that had a similar issue in the wardrobe. The clothes rod was screwed in to the "ceiling" inside the closet, and it came down. It turned out the ceiling was nothing more than the same 1/8" luaun plywood that was used for the walls! The screws holding the clothes rod were basically screwed into cardboard! I ended up rebuilding the closet, putting in some real wood to hold the clothes. That was one of the MANY poor quality issues we had with what Fleetwood was trying to pass off as their "flagship" fifth wheel after they retired the Avion line.
  20. More and more Walmarts are being forced to close their lots to us, both from the behaviour of some idiots, and from local ordinances - but nobody ever mentions spending the night at Camping World. It's common for them to allow us to stay overnight if we have a service appointment the next day - why not stay there with no service appointment? I know they're not a prevalent as Walmart, but if there's one in the area it might be a viable option...
  21. Even that is not true - most manufacturers will send you copies if you ask. I sent an email to Fleetwood and received wiring diagrams, both 12V and 120V, plumbing diagrams, paint diagrams, and others in return email - no charge.
  22. If you're in the San Jose, Ca area you can go to Leale's RV Service on 7th St - they'll do a 4-corner weight for free - I just had my Bounder done there last week while they were repairing an awning arm.
  23. I've found that it can take several minutes for all my sensors on my TST system to connect to the display, but it's easy to get around that issue. When we get up on the morning that we're hitting the road the first thing I do is to power up the system. Now I can go and do my breakdown chores (dump the tanks, put away outside stuff, etc.) and by then all tires are reporting in so I can check them and hit the road. If any tires need air it's a simple task to haul out the compressor and take care of it.
  24. Kind of difficult to get a decent reading on the heat gauge when you're rolling down the road at 60 mph...
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