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  1. 1998 Newmar Dutchstar Our levelers won't retract. The control panel lights up but none of the buttons work. Pushing the STORE button, nothing happens - no noise, no nothing. AC fuse shows power going in and out. The other fuses show nothing, no power in, no power out. We have a call in to HWH and are awaiting a call back. But we have to leave the campsite tomorrow morning. Any suggestions?
  2. So I need to check when it is hot? After it runs for a while? And can you tell me if the the reservoir in the rear feeds the brakes? Is it separate from the jacks? BTW, thanks for your patience. I figure you are shaking your head at these dumb questions. Linda
  3. My error. It's not the transmission, it is the hydraulic fluid reservoir where the fluid is coming out the vent cap.
  4. How would the coolant get mixed with the transmission fluid?
  5. Our 1998 Newmar Dutchstar, 153k miles, is leaking transmission fluid thru the vent in the cap. All hoses seem okay. Tank does not appear to be overfilled. RV runs great. No warning lights, all gauges are normal. Any suggestions?
  6. Thank you all. I'll call Superior Tires in Portland tomorrow. I don't think the wear is enough to require replacement but want to be sure before heading back east.
  7. Our rear tires are showing some wear and I would like to have them evaluated before we head into Utah. They are Michelin 235/80R22.5XRV, four years old, 39k miles. Any recommendations for tire service in Portland OR area?
  8. We need to have the rubber roof recaulked and are trying to find how this is done. Apply over the old after cleaning, or what?
  9. We recently had work done at Western States CAT in Spokane, WA to the tune of $7700. Now we have an oil leak that wasn't there before. We believe Western States damaged the oil line when working on the engine but they have denied responsibility. Can FMCA help us get resolution?
  10. How long should batteries last? Our batteries (four deep 6 and two 12V) are only four years old but don't hold a charge for very long. We have a 1998 Dutchstar.
  11. Thanks so much for the info. The first document describes our system. I'll let you know if anything works tomorrow. We are calling it quits for tonight - it has been a very long day.
  12. One more thing - the "Not in Park" light is on even though the brake is definitely set and the coach is in Neutral, light on the dash says "PARK", and the motor is off.
  13. No alarms. Everything appears to be hooked up properly. No loose wires, cables or plugs..
  14. We have a 98 Newmar Dutchstar. HWH 310 series leveling system. Levelers worked fine yesterday. Had work done on generator today which included removing and re-installing the generator which is right next to the leveling system. Now levelers do not work. Control panel gets power. We can dump air, but get no response when we hit the button to lower the jacks. The solenoid is getting power. Checked fuses and they appear to be okay. Called HWH and was told their service representative have a 3-week backlog on returning phone calls. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. When buying 4 tires do they all have to have the same date code? We need 4 but dealer only has 3 with 2013 date or 4 with 2212 date.
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