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  1. thanks to eveyone who advised me 4 wheel down toad towlng.

  2. Thanks for the lengthy reply. My Honda CRV says to stop every 200 miles (my back usually requires a stop that often anyway) and while stopped it says to start the car, foot on brake, run through all the gears and within 10 minutes you are back on your way. Check your manual to see if they have any towing instructions. Thanks again, Travelenman
  3. This dilemma goes on. The Honda Accura even with standard transmissions can't be towed 4 down. So we will tow the Honda SRV and mind all of the Honda CRV and mind all the Honda rules. I really appreciate all of the comments and advice. I will have a Blue Ox base plate installed and use a Blue Ox Tow Bar. Since my coach is being manufactured I have requested a four point connection be added in addition to the regular hitch electric connection. I will use that for the lights and use the car power for the brake unit on the driver's side floor board. Thanks again, my wife and I have joined FMCA because this is such a valuable resource for newbies like us.
  4. I started this chain and I followed the advice that I receive by trading my wife's car for a newer used car with a manual transmission. I know that I have to have a skid plate installed on the car and have a tow bar. What else should I do to tow this car? What should I know about towing a manual transmission Honda Accord. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!!
  5. This forum is a wonder, wonderful resource for new and experienced RVers. My thanks to all of you for your advice and thanks to FMCA for sponsoring this forum.
  6. Thanks so much to those who responded. Your information is very valuable and now I am a little closer to deciding. This forum has convinced me that I must become a member of FMCA.
  7. I am about to be a new camper at 63 (towed a popup when the kids were young but nothing since then) and my first dilemma is to decide whether or not to tow my 2010 Honda CRV and tow it 4 wheel down or use a dolly. Everything I see seems pretty negative about dollys but I worry about what I read about dead toad batteries, transmission damage etc. HELP I will be towing with a Super C by Nexus (Ghost).
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