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  1. New member / 1st post / GOOD NEWS!!!! I can provide an input on good service received while on my maiden voyage home from Atlanta where I had purchased my first (and current) RV, a 1995 Trek turbo diesel 2430 with 60,000 miles last November 2012 (74,000 now a year later). My route back to Oregon took me through Lincoln, Nebraska where the engine "flamed out" while I was in rush hour traffic.....managed to nurse the rig off the freeway and to a safe overnight dry camp at the Cracker Barrel restaurant. The next morning over breakfast I started my search for any kind of diesel repair facility (thank you Google and Yelp) and was VERY fortunate to find Jim's Diesel repair....a family run business of long standing. Jim was booked full when I called him, but offered several good referrals to other credible call-out mechanics in the area....and in the end, once I limped into his shop and we talked for a bit, he made room for my rig and showed me how past repairs (done poorly) had created my "flame out" situation. He had parts on the shelf, the knowledge to explain what had been done improperly before and the willingness to show me the correct re-route for the heat sensitive driver module that had failed. I was on my way that afternoon with a few less $$$ and a tremendous repair done right (along with having made a new friend). The electronic fuel injection driver module now lives OUTSIDE of the engine compartment on a monolithic heat sink mounted in good free-stream cooling air instead of in the valley of the V8 directly adjacent to the high temperatures of a hard-working turbo diesel. I'll save my comments on the other maintenance malpractices that I've since uncovered and repaired over the past year for another time. Let me just add that it truly helps to be able to understand the systems installed in your rig so that you can trouble shoot issues before seeking repairs...the more educated you can be on the basics of how things are s'posed to work, the better you can find credible maintenance providers....and eventually, you will find that most of the things are fixable at your level....mostly.
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