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  1. I have a 2003 National Dolphin LX, on the Workhorse, I did the Banks upgrade, it helped the driveability, downshifted faster so that the rpm's didn't get so high. it didn't really help the mileage. My name is Tim so I had to have MORE POWER, my coach would stop at 76 MPH. I got in touch with Brazelsrv.com 1-877-786-1576. I got an upgraded computer for the engine and alsom traded out the one for the allison. I love it. The transmission upgrade gives you the downgrade braking like the 2005 and on trannies have. We towed our S-10 Blazer to the Carolina's and back to Shreveport getting 6.8 MPG average, running the generator about half of the time. Have you had the brake recalls done on your coach? If not check into it.
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