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  1. Thanks All for the observations and comments. This helps me understand a bit more. Stll loving the RV lifestyle and really prefer not to go back to hotels and rental cars and NO campfires at nite!!! Adios! mjs4417@gmail.com
  2. I'm curious why I'm not finding information on leasing (not renting) a new motorhome. We've successfully leased our personal vehicles over the years without problems. Posession for a certain period of time / months, mileage limits, set monthly due bill, return in good shape.It seems a logical thought to do this with the high ticket price of a motorcoach. I must be missing something! Any comments and thoughts are welcome. What about "fractional ownership" or "shared ownership with maybe 4 families" like corporations do for private jet use?? Or is this just one more thing that goes on the list of ...................."things I had when I was middle class!!"
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