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  1. Our Member plate looks like it was in a fire. The decal is wrinkling and peeling from the backing plastic plate. I have a replacement, but does anyone have a solution to prevent or protect? Thanks!
  2. Perhaps others have already seen this, but I just found http://truckrouter.com/, which is in beta. It is online software, you have to say you are a truck trailer, but then enter your weight, length, height. Enter your start, any way-points, and your destination. This was of value to me as I planned on Cloudcroft, NM. Hwy 82 out of Cloudcroft towards Alamogordo, NM descends over 5000' in just 16 miles and includes a tunnel. Whoopee! So this software provided an alternative route that is truck friendly. My prior GPS from Rand McNally was supposed to help with this, but I found it to be untrustworthy. Suitable for motorhomes with toads and fithwheelers.
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