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  1. http://www.airdream.net/airDream.html for the sofa bed, an air mattress "Air Dream" is the best. Fits perfect, inflates in minutes. Our Country Coach came with one. don't have a recommendation for a short queen regular mattress.
  2. We use Lysol or similar orange or lemon scented cleaner in our gray tank. Found it works better than anything we have found to disolve grease, etc. We use about 1/2 cup after we dump the gray tank and add a little water. Also important if you have a washer/dryer that you don't use often to run thru a cycle of water.
  3. We use the Walmart Rand McNally Atlas. It is cheap and includes all the Walmart locations and whether they have fuel and/or diesel fuel. We buy diesel at Murphy (Walmart) when we can because it's cheaper and we get 3 cents off per gallon if we use a Walmart gift card or Walmart credit card. Wish it also included Flying J locations. Use a GPS in the toad only.
  4. We have Verizon cell phones and a Verizon air card. Only 2 places where we couldn't get service. Hot Springs, AR and way out in the boonies in AZ. Last time we went back to Hot Springs, their tower must have been upgraded because it worked fine that time. If none of the cellular companies invest in a tower, no cell service will work. There is one place in FL (Salt Springs) that there is no tower nearby and you have to drive to get service. Hope someone puts up a tower because we love it there! I have been coast-to-coast with my Verizon air card and most of the time I can get to the Internet. It is sometimes slow, but then I just wait until we move and it improves. Overall, we're very happy with it.
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