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  1. There is one, if not two guys running super singles on Tiffin RV's. I have seen there postings on the Tiffin RV Network where they just mention they have them installed. I have been reading that forum almost daily since we bought our Tiffin Bus 4 years ago; so far have not seen any pro's or con's from guys driving them. You might join and post the question over there. One of the super single guys is an avid poster. Very knowledgeable also. Richard
  2. We like west side the best. Greener, more trees, prettier, closer to the big flat head lake which is a must see. We stay at San-Su-Ed. A park that has been family owned by the same family since the 60's. But updated, nice, clean friendly, night time fire pit at the office. Really nice friendly, close to the entrance gate. Not a resort but our favorite. Richard
  3. Thanks for the great update, see you there! Tag axle Tiffin Bus, dark green Jeep Liberty, big (a petite 126 lbs.) white curly dog. Richard
  4. I will take the interstate, the info that this road is "one of the busiest roads in Wyoming" made the decision for me. Thanks again, Richard
  5. Wow! What a great reply, thanks so very much for the research! Richard
  6. I agree, you are buying someone else's problem. But, check the FMCA Michelin tire program. We just put 8 on the Bus and the program worked perfectly. Save a little over $100 each. You do not have to buy a full set, just what you need. Richard
  7. Slowly making our way from OKC to the Rally. When we reach Casper we see two routes, I-25 to I-90 to Gillette, or I-25, 259, 387, 59 to Gillette. Driving a 42 with a Jeep, mountains do not bother me or the bus, and we also enjoy the wide open West. Anyone driven the 259 etc route? Recommendations? Richard
  8. We are registered, signed up very early and looking forward to being there. Would like to do some planning for while we are there at Camp-plex. See that a list of activities and dealers has been published, but we have signed up for a seminar and would like to know what day and time the seminar will take place, anyone know when this info will become available? Richard
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