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  1. The other answers are all good ideas. I had the same issue with my Acura MDX-- everytime I towed, the battery would go dead. I have to turn my key switch to auxiliary when I tow. What it turned out to be on my system was the wiring that was used going back to my tail lights was shorted out on the muffler. the strapping they used wore out and the wire was hanging on the muffler. So I had bare wire hitting the exhaust-- replacing the wiring eliminated the problem. Good luck. Having a weak battery is also a strong possibility.
  2. i understand what your saying about insurance rates. restrictions on dogs should be based on temperament not on breeds. these laws are being over ruled all over the country. breed restrictions affect every dog owner. when they restrict some breeds today, they might restrict your breed tomorrow. we all lose some freedoms with general restrictions. i would rather camp next to a big aggressive quiet dog than one that barks all the time. so should i push for restrictions on the barking dog?? i wouldnt. i have a rottreiler, and he doesnt bark at all, and has never met a person he doesnt like. i just think this is unfair to the many great dogs that are being discriminated against. insurance companies respond to claims. when the claims change the dog breed restrictions will change. i remember when german shepherds were getting the bad reputations. i have only seen a few campgrounds restrict german shepherds now. so is your breed next? who knows??? all it takes is a few bad experiences all over the country. if a dog is aggressive and barks a lot, you can see right away their temperment. then restrict it. does it take more work? yes. i also have a ten lbs mix dog and shes more of a nuisance than the big dog. she barks all the time, if they restricted her, i would understand it. just my opinion. steve
  3. I have also encountered this discrimination. We have a rottrieler, and he is gentle. A friend told me about the disability laws, he said if you have a service dog or therapy dog they cant be discriminated against. so I had my dog certified as a therapy dog. I take him to nursing homes now. Under the law he can go anywhere. He wears a vest for id, and I've never had a campgrounds problem since then. Under the law they can't ask what the disability or therapy is for. The law is very strong, and I carry a copy of it with me. I've never had to show it but if there ever was a problem I would have the copy with me. I recommend to check this out, so your dog can go anywhere you go.
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