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  1. Great thoughts, I will look at that tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Enjoy hearing the responses supporting the Class B. We are newer to RVing having a RT and sometimes are envious of the larger rigs with all the room and slide-outs and feel kind of wimpy next to them. It seems that we are always on the go. So when we do go exploring it is nice to have everything with us such as clothes, food, bikes etc...as we can unhook in minutes and drive off with all our essentials.
  3. Thanks for the help and suggestions. I ended up using a web strap with buckle to secure the battery. Now I am having trouble getting the trickle charger clamps on the posts because it is so tight a space. Do you think a trickle charger is really necessary over the winter months or will starting the engine and letting it run help to keep the coach battery charged?
  4. I have a spring missing from the bar that keeps the coach door from swinging all the way towards the passenger door. This bar is in the middle of the door about 2" wide and slides into the hollow of the door. The spring is located at the pin closest to the coach body, not the inside of the door. Looking for anyone who has had this same problem and where to get the right parts? Thanks.
  5. I think there is something missing from the battery shelf. I have a 2002 Popular 200 and the battery sits between the generator and the bumper, which is a tight area underneath the chassis. However if the shelf was longer to accomodate the battery I do not think you could remove the battery at all. If anyone has this same setup please let me know, maybe there is a strap of some sort that I have missing? I have looked at two other Roadtreks, but those batteries have there own side compartment which makes it much easier to access.
  6. Just purchased this unit and lights are dim when not running the engine. I noticed the battery directly behind the generator was hanging out of the compartment almost falling to the ground being held by the neg. cable. My question is what keeps this battery in place? The bottom shelf that the battery sits on is not as long as the battery itself. Am I missing part of the shelf? Is there supposed to be some kind of strap? Dan
  7. Is it important to fill with using a filter?
  8. Regarding the fresh water tank, when not using the motorhome for a few weeks, should you completely fill the tank with fresh water, or leave it empty? Do you ever add anything to the fresh water tank, I am just concerned about the water or tank sidewalls getting slimy or the water going bad. Dan
  9. I do not know how to post a picture, can I text you a picture from my phone? I do not have a nylon strap from my coach door, only a metal bar that keeps popping out letting the door swing past the 90 degrees, and then I have to place the metal bar inside the hole to allow the door to close. the metal bar has a hook on the end that goes inside and catches, but we have to make sure it does catch each time we open the door. I know something is missing, I just don't know what it is, I just bought this 200 Popular and the previous owner just said a spring was missing. Thanks, Dan
  10. Thank you for explaining how to repair this hinge, I have the same issue, Does anyone have problems with the side door hinge swinging all the way open? My side door is missing a spring of some sort on the 200 Popular. Where can I get this spring and how to fix?
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