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  1. Thanks. I should have at least tried that before dropping it off and going home! I will let you know what happens.
  2. Rich, I am not positive on the pump manufacturer or if it was remanufactured. Trying to get the info. The mechanic has gone silent. He said he usually uses Carquest so if he source there I assume it was not cummings. For some reason, I thought he had to get the pump somewhere else so it could be cummings or it could be some other crap. You would think Cummings Orlando would perform a pressure test and would have considered the Cap pressure test. However, I cannot get them to tell me if they performed a pressure test or tested the cap. Would a bad cap potentially cause leakage at the weep hole? I think the mobile mechanic had about 15 years experience and had installed new motors etc and came highly recommended by others in the area. Still, if he was really good he would have insisted on OEM parts for something this hard to get to. His silence concerns me and he has not offered to take a look at it. I am not in Orlando but may ask to be present for the pressure test and inquire about the Cap Pressure tested.
  3. Last May, I had a developing leak near the water pump. I had a mobile mechanic out of Niceville, Florida diagnose the issue as a leaking water pump. He replaced it and ran up to Atl. Noticed a faint smell of coolant but did not see any leakage on the ground. Drove it back down to Orlando and noticed a leak again! It's at Cummins Orlando and they say its dripping from the weep hole and I need another Waterpump. Say its restricted access and quoted me 1200 to correct it. It's a rear radiator ISB 340. Does anyone know how a pump could fail so quickly? I think the mechanic did install a Carquest pump as I see the other parts he used for filters were from there. I cannot get him to return my calls after our first conversation and he claims he has never seen a new pump fail that quickly in his 15-year experience. Is it possible for another leak to appear it's coming from the weep hole or did I just have bad workmanship or a bad pump? Feeling Frustrated in Florida! Thanks for any suggestions! __________________ Deas Tiffin RED 34
  4. So not start a huge debate, but why move from Michelin to Continental? I suspect cost would be the factor, but is there a performance issue? I will take a look and see the difference.
  5. I am looking to replace XZE2 tires. Called Michelin and they are backordered and not in production. I have 2 fronts that are showing some cracks and do not really want to wait. Has anyone heard of Multi Z tires? They are truck tires and I am concerned they would not be good for an RV? They have plenty of those in stock and they qualify for the FMCA discount. First time buying new tires. I have a Tiffin 2010 RED. Its time!
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the electric sites? Are they worth it? We don't mind running generator but wonder if the electric sites will be segregated and quieter? Are Generators prohibited in the electric area and does anyone know if there are time restrictions on the generator use?
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