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  1. FYI - on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151662554317095&set=a.10150136487362095.334941.97267037094&type=1&theater
  2. Received my wipers Monday and installed them last night. They must have shipped Saturday morning right after I ordered since I received them Monday - great experience. For the Fleetwood, all the needed hardware was included (and there's even extra hardware included apparently for other types of arms). Nice, beefy wipers!! All of the regular wipers fit perfectly too and snapped right on. It was nice to find and replace the rear wipers since none of my local stores carry them. Hey - let's go camping!!
  3. That sounds like a great deal installed for rubber wiper refill inserts - especially if you had the MH out already and didn't invest extra fuel and time into the trip. I noticed just about every Fleetwood RV under the sun listed on wipers123 fyi. I'm assuming that's the "heavy duty wide saddle wiper arm" I mentioned previously. I'll have to keep my eyes open although my wipers are on their way now!
  4. 2011 Fleetwood Storm Isn't that picture cool? I actually got it off of Facebook from a picture feed that I follow. Whoever runs the feed, it specializes in unique vehicle-related pictures (cars, trucks, RV's, motorcycles, scooters, etc.). I love the retro RV & Car pics.
  5. Wow - thanks for all of the responses! I researched several of the above yesterday which led me to wipers123 because they were cheaper than amazon. Looks like they have every RV listed with the correct trico wiper blade numbers (trico were the original wiper blades on the RV). I noticed they have up to 32" "heavy duty RV wiper blades" although mine takes the "wide saddle" 26" with an adapter kit. They also listed 5 options in 28" and 26" depending on grade or type of wiper you want. Long story short, ordered wipers for the RV as well as both of our vehicles front and rear yesterday with free shipping. I'll keep you posted.
  6. Aside from the dealer where they tend to be pretty expensive, where is a good place to get RV wiper blades?
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