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  1. If you are still interested in purchasing a used motorhome, we have a 2011 Itasca 42QD, tag, bath and one half with only 30,000 miles on it. This coach is a Non-Def fluid coach. Price is $ 190,000.00. Been maintained by Cummins since coach was new. Reason for selling -- we bought a Town Home in Fl. Coach is in Lakeland Fl. now. Our phone # is 313 - 580 - 7256 -- FMCA # -- F111711
  2. Hey there Trynforpar, nice looking set up -- we have a Itasca Ellipse 42 QD -- year 2011 -- and love it -- have lived in it the last 4 years down in Fl. We also tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Coach has 26,000 miles on it and everything works except we have had a few problems with the Ideal Rest bed. Think Winnebago could of done better with supplying a -- Sleep Number Bed instead.
  3. Hey kaypsmith, thanx for the come back -- is your memory foam mattress flexible as mine needs to be?
  4. Does anyone know what type mattress (non air) that will work in our motorhome? Ideal Rest Electric bed in coach is like a hospital bed and the mattress has to fold up to about a 70 degree angle. Ideal Rest uses plastic fittings ( and not aluminum or brass ) so the hose fittings and the pump air box ports are always snapping off( otherwise when the bed holds air ) it is comfortable. I'm just getting tired of repairing and ordering these fittings and now I need an air box. Factory says to send the whole air pump back to California ( Freight both ways and the air box cost of $ 46.00 ) = $ 100.00 ( plus about a 3 week wait ) ?? Its ridiculous to keep making repairs to this bed any longer -- our coach is a 2011. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Year to all. Rustyhog
  5. Hey guys, thanx for all the suggestions, especially the one from Wolfe to RoadMaster. I will call them and give them the serial # and type and see if they can figure it out. Hate to buy a new one as this one still looks good and performs well. Its just that the one S/S tube attaching bar is a pain to deal with and takes more time hooking up and un-hooking. Again it is a All-Terrain Sterling Falcon # 522 bar.
  6. Thanx Huffypuff -- if I don't get it repaired at a rally, there goes another $ 950.00
  7. How long are Tow Bars supposed to last -- I have a (year) 2006 Roadmaster Falcon # 522 Tow bar that is starting to give me trouble, one of the S/S extension tubes does not extend or retract without using the car to pull it out or push it in. Tried to lubricate and work it but still does not work right. Just don't want it to be a hazard and come apart while towing with it, and it has worked flawlessly until last year. I bought the unit at Camping World, and called RoadMaster and asked if they would repair it, they said the unit had been discontinued for 9 years???
  8. OK guys, thanks for your ideas and input. Still a " Crap Shoot " to purchase a warranty or not!
  9. Can anyone let me know about extended service contracts through -- US Warranty -- Insurance co is -- National Evergreen Insurance. I have a 2011 Itasca Ellipse 42 QD tag coach with 26,000 miles on it-- Thinking of getting a 4 year / 48,000 extended warranty contract. They quoted the Eagle Plus Plan for $ 4,960.00. I had a Good Sam contract previously and to re-up it for 1 year is $ 2,700.00, I thought this price was out of sight!!
  10. RustyHog

    HWH Jacks

    Just had my HWH jacks worked on @ New Hudson Cummins dealer, some master control module went out -- my coach is a Winnebago Ellipse 2011. They had been working fine up to this point. Very happy with the service they preformed.
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