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  1. My recommendation, and I live in the area, would be 'black bear campground' in the town of Florida, NY. Ive stayed there myself several times, its scenic, full hookups, pet friendly, and Florida is a beautiful small town. A lot of people would recommend the KOA in Newburgh, (but it's actually in the village of Plattekill) but its a KOA.... tight spots. Hands down, BLACK BEAR!!! . https://blackbearcampground.com/ Prior post said all the sites to visit, of course West Point is West Point, and all the tons of revolutionary war stuff. A scenic drive I would recommend, would be to take route 218 from Washington Gate at the base to Cornwall, (Gen. Petraus (sp) hometown) but ONLY if you have a toad. Its twisty, windy, and tight, but incredible. No way can you do that with a trailer. If its closed, sometime it is, and its closed in the winter, take 9W north from West Point, all the way up to Cornwall, and turn around and go back, or continue up 9W to the walking bridge over the hudson up in Poughkeepsie. ....they both, 218 and 9W, run along the Hudson, and the views are awesome.
  2. I could make my schedule work for Gettysburg, I'll be watching for further info if we could make it work....
  3. X3 on Texas fair, been there twice, and had an incredible time both times. Haven't rv'd there, so can't speak to campgrounds, but my third time there, I'll be in my rv. Dallas has tons of stuff to do, lots of JFK stuff, and the best part? ....The Longhorn/Sooners football game!
  4. Not to add fuel to the fire, but there are 2 sides to every story....I guess im considered a one time poster as well, and 'frankly. scarlet, I don't give a ****....' I made my one time post regarding going to an FMCA rally, asking generic questions regarding what to expect, do they have coaches on display, you name it, I was asking. I had never been to one, and wanted to get as much info ahead of time, so I could research before I got there. I posted well ahead of the rally, and I believe there still are no replies. So before condemning people that don't get back, cut him some slack....Ive found other sites that if I have questions, I can get answers. This isn't one of them.
  5. ive looked in several places, and haven't been able to find a list of seminars, (are there any) or vendors,(are there any)? this is my first rally, and am looking forward to being able to schedule my days. Thank you, and looking forward to a great time!
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