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  1. Outstanding! Great suggestion and reasoning, Jeff. tmoning, Thank You for the understanding and prompt response. It's a small thing and yet, to me at least, it gives a sense of hope and gratification that changes, when reasonable, can and will be made. Carrying those sentiments into our discussions is a huge thing. So, Thank you again, Bill Anderson
  2. There ya go. There is the attitude and reasoning that makes the younger people go...why do I want to be involved? We can't discuss the problems in order to fix them without getting this attitude. We're supposed to get involved and "sell everything positive". But We're not feeling positive, Herman. To use your analogy, you want to be a "good" car salesman. Everything's perfect, runs like a top...until you get a mile down the road. But hey, then it's your problem, you bought the car. You're really paying attention to the posts in this thread, aren't you? We are discussing the difficulties we are having doing this very thing and trying to develop solutions, even temporary stopgap solutions, to those difficulties. The sour grapes people will never post on these forums, they will use every OTHER social media out there, as vindictively as possible. The people commenting on here are making suggestions, bouncing ideas around and yes, commenting on the issues that effect them the most in an attempt to identify the issues we can affect, determine how to address the issues and gather the support to act. That's how it can improve. And hey, posting on here IS involvement. I had thought from your previous posts that you understood and appreciated that. That YOU were going to be a source of aid, the older statesman helping the young whippersnappers. These last 2 posts revert back to the same old same old. Another interesting analogy. The tradition you refer to is all but dead now across the USA. Those were your generations Grandma and Grandpas and your parents. Very few younger than the youngest Baby Boomers even understand the family gatherings you are referring to. Good or bad, Society today is vastly different in so many ways. Let me illustrate it this way: In your signature, you show you are from Whitewright, TEXAS. That's great, you are and should be proud of where you are from. It's part of your identity. Now look back up at our (the younger posters) signatures, how many even have a hometown listed? The younger generations do not identify with a place like Baby Boomers do. I'm not saying thats good or bad, I'm saying its a fact. So, Do you want to hold on to tradition or do you want to help FMCA navigate THIS society and thrive? Bill Anderson, F433108 Fulltiming Somewhere, USA 2011 Tiffin Allegro pulling 2015 RAM 1500
  3. As I said before, I have not attended any Rallies yet. That's on the agenda for 2017 (4 now including Indy) but from what I'm gathering maybe FMCA need consider: 4 Regional Rallies instead of the 2 National ones. This is intended that people choose ONE to attend each year, not be able to attend all. Matter of fact, setup the computer to not ALLOW multiple attendances based on Membership #. Chapter event attendance could benefit from this as well. If staying with National Rallies, break them up. A Beginners Rally. A Rally specifically designed for those new to Motorhomes with Seminars and Vendors selected accordingly. A Working Mans Rally. A rally with a schedule designed to accommodate people still employed such as Seminars running from 3-8 pm, Vendors open Noon till 10pm, etc. A Remember When Rally. A rally specifically designed for the longer term members who have been there done that and would love to talk about it. Just a few thoughts for reflection, please chime in.
  4. Not just an apparent link but an actual invitation. How about Come Visit us or Meet us @ for the button name? Still goes to the same place but fairly intuitive. "Stay Connected" says to me "we want your contact information." Bleh. you and everybody else. Again, it's not that what you say is wrong but its not friendly, inviting or inclusive.
  5. I'm not seeing this discussed anywhere else in the forums...and coming late to the party so to speak but...either I'm not comprehending or I'm too cynical. I've read the FAQ. I've read the Ballot. I have gone over the wording "To possess all of the rights, powers and privileges now or hereafter conferred by the laws of the State of Ohio on not-for-profit corporations and to carry on any of the activities that a not-for-profit corporation may engage in under the laws of Ohio." Every single other phrase/paragraph/section contains the phrase Family Motor Coach Owners. It's all about being for the good of, of concern to, on behalf of, etc. And then there's this proposed addition which does NOT contain the phrase Family Motor Coach Owners. It is specifically all about the corporation, and any activities a not-for-profit corporation may engage in. Guess what? Expenses and Administration costs come from Gross Receipts and lower/eliminate profit. So it's legal for a not-for-profit to generate funds as long as they spend them all. This bylaw makes it possible for them to spend it all on the corporation (and it's staff) instead of on behalf of Family Motor Coach Owners. Like I said, I'm cynical. In the explanatory question/answer section it explains this is for the purpose of "possibly" starting another corporation, a sister "feeder" corporation, to "accommodate" younger RVers and those with towable Rv's. So first off, if its another corporation, why does it affect THIS corporations bylaws? There are other ways for FMCA to aid in creating/funding another entity than changing its own bylaws. Secondly, WHY are we looking at creating yet another RV group instead of reaching accommodation with existing groups? It's not the motor coach niche that's running people to friendlier organizations. We need to fix what we have, not try to start at the beginning. Thirdly, WHY is a Motor Coach group forming a Towable RV group? They even specifically state " FMCA would remain as it is, an association for motorhome owners". This whole explanation strikes me as a smoke screen and a continuation of the Elitist attitude others have commented on in other threads. I appreciate there is some interest in this subset (FMCA Energized) to address the problems/issues we see, to help reinvigorate the organization as a whole. I'm willing to join in that effort. However, I'm realistic (or cynical) enough to recognize this bylaw change could easily be the death knell for FMCA. Please explain it to me and convince me I'm wrong. PS: how do I get that signature line/paragraph saved/auto added? I'm currently typing in: William "Bill" Anderson F433108 2011 Tiffin Allegro towing RAM 1500
  6. Well, I guess I threw gas on the fire! Thanks for the replies though. It opens communication and gives everyone a chance to have their say. That can lead to improvements as long as everyone realizes its not personal and acts accordingly. Herman and Jeff: I will try to make Indy, I will email Kathy and join the FB group. I'm willing to join the discussion. By the time I get to Indy, I may even be comfortable with helping since I'm attending other events this year. Which brings me to my first concern? issue? whatever. Bear with me, I'll get to the point eventually. When I bought in 2010 (2005 Bounder) I was "gifted" a Good Sam membership. I never attended a rally (wrong place/time, etc.) or became involved with the organization. Upon renewal of that "free" membership, I chose the longest timeframe for the biggest discount because I still saw value in the group. Pilot/Flying J fuel discount program, Roadside Assistance and "club discount" for the occasional Camping World store purchase are examples. When I bought in 2013 (2011 Tiffin Allegro) I was "gifted" a FMCA membership. I never attended a rally (wrong place/time, etc.) or became involved with the organization. Upon renewal of that "free" membership, I chose the longest timeframe for the biggest discount because I still saw value in the group. Michelin Tire program was the big reason at the time. To clear up any misconception from my op, our membership does not expire until early 2019 and I had/have no intention of cancelling. I just didn't see a reason to renew from that initial purchase (1 yr free + 5 year). As I "graduated" to full-time earlier this year, I discovered Fulltime Families as a support community for the life we were building on the road with a child. They introduced me to Escapees and it's subgroup, Xscapers with yet another "free" year of membership. As a result, we are doing Fulltime Families Reunion/Legoland in February, Escapade in March and a Xscapers Convergence in April. ok, so finally getting here...How are you/we going to differentiate FMCA ENERGIZED from the other organizations? Here's my thoughts FMCA's draw to me was and is...motor coaches. Not campers or TT's or 5'ers. Motor Coaches. As a society we keep dividing ourselves, making and choosing sides we don't have/need to and developing a us/them mentality. Lets break that down not by competing with them. There is a place for 5'ers and TT's. But there is a special place for Motor Coaches. William "Bill" Anderson F433108 2011 Tiffin Allegro RAM 1500
  7. OK, Jeff, just found this thread but I'll throw in a nickels worth. My view about lack of attendance AND lack of penetration into younger RV owners is attitude. Attitude of not just FMCA members but the organization itself. Look at the answer given in the convention FAQ regarding kids "Are children and grandchildren welcome? Absolutely! Although there will not be a dedicated Youth Program at this event due to school being in session, there are plenty of things in the metro Phoenix area for kids to enjoy." Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that, right? Wrong! The message this sends is: 1) there is nothing for kids to do AT the event. 2) there is nowhere to take kids so I/we can do anything at the event. Hence, there is no reason for me to attend the event. A similar message and reasoning happens for every single event regardless of size. Combine that with messages contained by the days selected (Tuesday thru Friday) and Exhibit hours (9-5). Obviously, they don't want working people to attend anything. Conclusion: FMCA is for rich, old people, don't need to renew (because 1st year membership was given with motorhome purchase) or attend anything. FMCA just lost it's best chance to retain and build a relationship with younger members before it even had a chance. BTW I'm 55, my wife is 46 and daughter is 9. We have owned a motorhome since 2010 however did not join FMCA until upgraded in 2013. We attempted to socialize at chapter rally we stumbled upon at a rv park, that didn't go well. We have not attended any other events, life has interfered when we tried. While I did the 5 year membership, I don't have any incentive to renew at this time.
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