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  1. What you may not understand is that this company sells direct, there is no dealer involved. They make it sound like its the best thing going.....they sell you a contract that looks good up front, but when you need to use their service they do not respond to.your calls and they do not return your calls,Steve Burgess and Acc Warranty Group offers NO service and is a rippoff. Please be advised do not do business with this company.....
  2. I just thought I would share my story with the fine people of this organization and forum: I purchased a 4 year unlimited mileage extended warranty from ACC WARRANTY GROUP in April of 2012. In My of 2013 I took my coach to Premier Motor Coach Services in Tucson Az. ( I know a lot of folks here have used them, great company to work with, very professional) for my annual checkup for the upcoming summer trip. After the service techs went through the coach they found several items that needed to be replace and or repaired. Some under the extended warranty and some not. Premier sent to Acc Warranty the work order for approval of their part of the repairs. After numerous unanswered phone calls and faxes and three weeks of time, they finally sent approval, the repairs were done, I picked up the coach and we off for the summer. Upon returning home from the summer trip Sept. 1,2013, I went to Premier to return a level that was left in the coach.At that time I found out that Acc Warranty hade not paid the repair bill. This was the first time I ever had a claim. On Sept. 9,2013 I sent by email and snail mail a written cancellation notice to Acc Warranty Group requesting my prorated refund. After aprox. 30 days wait time I began calling to find out status of refund. I called everyday for a week. No return phone calls. Finally on Oct.18th got a call from Steve Burgess the owner of Acc Warranty, he said to me go F##K yourself and if you want your money sue me. Please what ever you do, think twice about doing business with a company like this, they gladly take your money, do not pay for repairs and then upon cancellation according to their contract do not refund your money. After posting this notice on another forum I have had several people come forward ad tell me the same thing has happened to them . Thanks for listening, I hope this notice can help you to stay away from ACC WARRANTY GROUP Jim 2006 Country Coach Allure 430 #31317
  3. I did purchase them on ebay, I went to my order but I cannot get the product information-- to old. Just go to e-bay put G-4 LED lights and you will see numerous styles and types then go to warm white and that will narrow the selection. The units I purchased were a flat disc type that fit well and pushed all the light downward. Hope this helps. Jim 2006 Country coach #31317
  4. I first looked at the dimensions of the LED lights, to see if they would fit into my recess fixtures. Then I wanted to get about 150 lumens of light, and then I looked at the kelvin color degree temperature and decided I like the warm white. I think I paid about $2.00 each, bought 24 of them. Installed them all in about a hour. They look and work great. Jim 2006 country coach #31317
  5. I believe you have a G-4 base (small bi-pin socket). You can go to ebay they have a lot of LED lights that will fit. You will need to figure out how many lumens (light output) you are going to need. And the color of the LEDs warm white which I used or cool white. The cool white seemed to give off almost a blue white color. The LED lights are not very costly, a lot less heat than the halogens, and last a lot longer. Hope this helps. Jim 2006 country coach #31317
  6. I'm new to FMCA. just signed up. I have a country coach allure that had 12 overhead thin-lite 15" long 12 volt fluorescent open tube fixtures. The fixtures are 12 volt but the F15t8cw lamps are the same you would use in household application. I removed these fixtures, purchased through E-bay LED Lights, I went with the warm white color. You need to be careful of color, the higher the kelvin ( color degree temp) the more blue white they are. Give off more lumens that the fluorescent, no heat and less power draw.
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