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  1. First off please accept my apologies for not responding at an earlier date. Thank you all for the comments and advice which I have received and very much appreciate. I ended up taking the coach to Fairbanks where a competent mechanic that I know and trust aired the tires to a correct pressure based on the corner weights at the time. He also provide me with the trick to air my tires with the onboard air compressor using an inline gauge to identify the compressor psi before attempting to put air in and not let air out. He also assured me the trip South of 3500 miles would not be a problem and also recommended that due to the age of the tires I should consider replacing them as soon as I could do so, preferably before making a return trip in the Spring. Also, although I wrote my chassis is a Freightliner, it is actually a Roadmaster. For this topic I would like to report it as resolved. Will Brown thanks for the reminder of the Kenworth Dealer in Whitehorse. They have previously worked on this coach for me and if the road from Beaver Creek to Burwash wasn't a little rough I would do all of my shopping in Whitehorse as it is closer than Anchorage for me. Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed to this newbies knowledge of how to resolve a problem.
  2. Tires are Goodyear, have 57000 miles on the RV about 15000 on these tires. Don't see any feathering on any of the other tires. Travel on rough roads at least 2000 miles the last 2 years. Some on gravel. Chassis was lubed a year ago on arrival at our winter RV park. Willards RV Repair in Tok is listed on the Good Sam site so can assume they will do a good job. Don't have the facilities here to do much checking, but will try your suggestions. As always thank you very much for your input. i will post what happens.
  3. I live 38 miles from the Canadian border on the Alaska Hwy at Northway. My front tires are showing inner edge wear and I am seeking advice on who to take it to for a diagnosis. Alignment, balance, king pins etc. Have contacted Alignment Center in Anchorage, unfortunately their sole heavy duty RV guy is out hunting. There is a Freightliner outlet in Anchorage that I emailed and have yet to recieve a response from. Am wondering whether anyone has found a reliable RV repair alignment shop in Alaska, or whether I should plan on stopping in Canada on the way South later this month. Tok, 50 miles North has some repair facilities, has anyone used Willards RV Repair in Tok Alaska? Have hear horror stories of his prices, but have not yet asked if he can do the repair or not. I would appreciate any and all comments. Anchorage is over 400 miles away and Fairbanks is 250. Thanks
  4. OK, will do as you say. Thanks for the information. Will mark as solved. Thank you again for your help
  5. Wolfe, Hope you are still there. Have topped off the water and reset my RS2000 which now shows the batteries charging. I would like to use a stand alone charger Stanley 6-48 volt. vehicle and golf cart charger. Will this do the job, and if so how do I connect the leads? Thanks Again
  6. Thank you, Wolfe. Did as you suggested and they said try the basics first. Check battery level and charge the batteries if they will take a charge, then more in-depth troubleshooting. Sounds like I may need to replace all 4 batteries. Thanks for your help.
  7. I have owned a 2005 Beaver Monterey for more than a year and until recently had just a few common problems. We parked at our summer home 3 weeks ago and do not have shore power there. We ran the 8kw generator every 2-3 days, but our house batteries are not charging. We just returned from a 3 day 900-mile trip where for 2 days we were plugged into 30-amp shore power. House batteries are not charging from the shore power, generator or the driving. I think there is a switch or reset that needs moving, but for the life of me I cannot think what we have changed that is causing this problem. I am not technical minded, repair shops are 250 miles away, and I doubt if they would be able to fix the problem. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what I can check. I have 4 house batteries, there is an inverter, and my display shows battery charger is enabled, but no AC current is making it to the batteries. Everything works when on shore power, although our rear coach TV does not and several outlets on 30-amp do not. Our system is a 50-amp. Thank you all in advance.
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