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  1. nz8y00

    Falling Headliner

    I replaced my complete headliner. Lotta work but I saved 5-6 thousand. 2007 Winnebago Tour
  2. What wiring harness has anyone used for the New Jeep JL? I am going to use the the Blue OX base plate on my new Jeep JL. Has anyone had any issues with their wiring harness on the Jeep JL. I have heard of some possible issues because of all the electronic in the vehicle. Thanks for your hepl.
  3. Thanks, I will check the dump valve and brake valve. Does your coach loose any air in a 24 hour period? Just wondering if the air system is supposed to bleed slowly when sitting.
  4. This just happened to me also. The 8 amp fuse was blown in the circuit board on the back of the fridge. (looks like a old car fuse) got a pack at radio shack. I replaced the fuse and it blew again. There are 2 electric heaters wired to the box and are located in the exhaust stack. I had one bad heater and bought one at camping world, I think it was about $50.00 and replaced it my self. To check which heater is bad, unplug 1 heater and put a new fuse in. If it doesn't blow this means the other heater is bad. Plug in the bad heater and the fuse should blow. Remove and replace the bad heater and you should be fine. This is what I did. 2007 Winnebago Tour 40ft
  5. My question is: Where does the air go when I leave my coach for a few days? My wife says she hears a slight hiss under the dash. Is there some kind of relief valve that slowly bleeds the system? I checked my air pressure lines to the gauge and the gauge itself, everything looks fine. Any ideas? 2007 Winebago Tour Cummings 400 HP ISL This my 7th Motorhome, 1st diesel.
  6. When buying new tires what is an acceptable date code? How old should the tires be? Any ideas.
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