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  1. I'm sticking with the later Buses now (no older than 2008) but I am aware of the issues you highlighted.
  2. Right now I have narrowed my search to a used 2008 or 2009 Allegro Bus (40 ft). At 5 years old, these coaches are much more affordable and all the infant mortality of systems should be already taken care of. With the 400+hp Cummings and no DEF, I am not worried about diesel mileage as long as it has been professionally maintained. I am so close to the factory and that makes my choice over Thor or Winnebago. There is even a tiffin dealer in my town for routine stuff. Although there some great prices on older buses 2004-2007, I am reluctant due immediate need to replace tires and older systems that tiffin seems to have changed in 2008. I am looking for a used Jeep Patriot to used as a toad.
  3. According to everything I've read and talking to the tour guides at Tiffin, the Phaeton is their most popular Diesel MH. It has lots of luxury and is more affordable than the Bus. IMHO the 340 Cummings will meet my needs as most of my traveling is east of the Rockies. The new Phaetons come with a larger Cummings but with DEF. I have climbed the Rockies in a Gas Class C (360 Dodge Chassis) at 20MPH watching the water temp carefully and then wishing I had Exhaust Braking coming down the other side. To me, its diesel or nothing. I am looking for a 4-5 year old used Phaeton but they don't last long on the market. If I give up and go new, the RED is more affordable and can handle most of the luxury items we want. (i.e. We don't need or want the ceiling scroll-work Tiffin puts in the Phaeton and Bus. At present, we can only make a couple of 2-3 week trips plus long weekends camping per year. Retirement is just 2 more years away.
  4. I happened to take the Tiffin Factory tour yesterday. They use a MaxForce7 in the Allegro Breeze (28 and 32') which is mounted on their own chassis. Their larger models use Cummings 340HP and up with DEF. The tanks are on the passenger side which makes fill at Flying J problematic since the DEF dispenser is on the driver side when pulling in. They are trying to redesign this but the 2013s all have it on the wrong side. I plan to carry a fresh DEF sealed container and keep the DEF in the coach reasonably fresh. It gets really hot in the summer here. Now if I can figure how to add a drain to the tank....
  5. Thanks for the information all. I have visited Bankston and have heard about Sherman so I'll give them a visit.
  6. I live in Alabama and have read a lot about Tiffin Motorhomes. I am less than 100 mile from the Tiffin factory and service center so major service is not a problem. I am considering new or a moderate mileage 36-38 foot model less than 6 years old. Dealer location is not an issue (within reason, sorry Alaska) Any recommendations, good or bad.
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