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  1. We tow a 2010 Wrangler with a 3" lift behind our Dolphin RV. I added an off road bumper last year from LOD Offroad, It looks a lot like the photo you posted. It solved two problems the bumper is made with a low winch mount which I wanted and it came with the baseplates welded on the front of the bumper. Having the plates welded the made my tow bar level with the RV which it was not before I added the bumper. They will weld on Blue ox or the Road Master mounts. This eliminates the frame baseplates which reduces ground clearance on the trail and saves about 20lbs which is gained back by the weight of the bumper. To mount my wiring plug I made a mount to hold the female plug behind the grill. This is verily visible when not in use. Good luck and I know you will enjoy the jeep. If you are looking for a RV Jeep group try the FMCA 4 Wheelers.
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