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  1. I totally agree, the best and safest way is to use screw terminals!!! As a license electrician for over 40 years, I have seen where the pressure type or push in connector will heat and cause the plastic to carbonize, then become a conductor. Also, you should only have one wire on either the pressure connector or under a screw on an outlet.
  2. On the headlamp with the moisture, don't use a heat gun, way too hot. I have used a hair dryer set on low temp -- it takes awhile. For the yellowed lens, I have successfully taken 800 and then 1000 wet sandpaper and sanded the lens. Keep the paper and lens wet when you are sanding and you will see the material coming off turning from lite yellow to white. Than 90 % rubbing alcohol and clean the lens several times, let it dry. Paper off the area around the lens and then spray crystal clear paint ( Home Depot, the one made for plastic and has UV protection. You want the headlamp turned on when spraying the lens so the lens is warm. Spray several coats on. I have done this on my Lincoln and several friends, turns crystal clear, just like new!!!
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