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  1. How would moving the intercooler to the side of coach with vents. And 2 electric fans so the radiator would not have the intercooler blocking it. When I add up the cross tube of the intercooler it = to 1/3 of the radiator being blocked
  2. Adding a radiator to the front of the coach using the heater hoses how big of a small radiator do you think would be need to make any difference ?
  3. Yes it works helped my coach I still need more work on handling. Hope by adding more caster to the wheel alignment will give what I am looking for but the blue ox did help.
  4. If the transmission is taken out of the picture by using a external cooler do you think that will help also adding a large set of louvers and a fan on the side of the coach bringing in some cooler air into the engine area may help What do you think on that change ?
  5. Radiator and intercooler both have be removed cleaned rodded out rad. No blockage found new water pump belts and thermostat installed as far as the temps it rises to 220 and I pull over on flat land it runs 188 200 long hills and mountain passes is the problem trans temp will also mirror engine temps when it get hot I also have synthetic oil in the trans deep sump Allison 3000.
  6. Tried all of the above also run rv at a lower gear higher rpm but still temps creep up !!
  7. Where can the caster specs or KPI be found for this coach ?
  8. I have a 1998 Beaver with a 3126 Cat rear radiator. The temperatures run high in the summer on long climbs. Has anyone added a extra transmission cooler to help in the overall cooling of both engine and transmission? Or adding a side louver with a fan to let in cool air from the side of the coach instead of depending on the hot air off the pavement!
  9. I have a 1998 beaver 8 air bag magnum chassis The RV is a constant hand full at speeds over 60 mph the ride height is at specs. The toe is on the money good shocks and all front parts are good. Also have added a Blue Ox steering damper. Tire psi is matched to the vehicle weight. New tires SO what is going on? I know from my car and light truck experience caster place a roll in tracking or KPI not adjustable on this unit ! But if you change the back or front ride height it will change this angle! What do you think any ideas.
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