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  1. Keoweekat

    Warning light

    Thanks for the reply, I will be checking with cummins this morning.
  2. Keoweekat

    Warning light

    I have a 1999 H.R. Navigator with a ISC 8.3 ,350 Cummins. I went out to start it to drive it some and when I turned the switch on the STOP and WARNING light came on and went off then the WARNING light came back on before I cranked the engine. I started the engine every thing looked normal ( Pressures and Temps ) I drove it about 15 miles then stopped and had some one read the codes. it said there was no oil pressure but idle cold was 75 PSI, running warm 38 PSI, and driving around 43 PSI. So with this said does this engine have 2 oil pressure sensors one for the ECM and one for the gauge cluster or do they share one sensor?
  3. I have a 99 Navigator and I cant get the lights that line the entrance steps to work. I have no idea even how they are switched.
  4. Just pulled the valve cover and discovered that both valve plates that the rockers push that sets on both valves for the #2 cylinder were off and laying inside and the intake push rod was bent. All 4 valves move smoothly they were not stuck or seem bent. This happened as we were using the exhaust brake I was wondering if this could have caused this, I'm ordering 2 new push rods and putting it back together and I want be using the exhaust brake until that is checked out. Sure hope that's what caused the push rod to bend.
  5. We have a 99 ISC 8.3 in our Navigator on a short trip we were going through the mountains and using the exhaust brake at the bottom of one hill I turned the exhaust brake off and started pushing the throttle pedal and there was a dead miss on one cylinder and it was blowing smoke for about 1 mile then the smoke cleared up but a dead miss was still there. I contacted Cummins and said it was probably an injector and said it was fine to limp back home about 60 miles. How do you isolate the bad injector or would it be better to take it and have it put on a computer.
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