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  1. A big thank you to all who offered advise. I have to decided to try a small test piece with Gorilla glue made for foam hard board. A small test failure is better than a 4'x8' failure. Hopefully it works. Thank you all again. Good to know so many are willing to help. Merv
  2. I have to replace two ceiling panels, approximately 4' x 8', and need to know what type of glue to use. The back of the panels is wood and has to be glued to a styrofoam matrix. It is a 2004 Mandalay. Can any one tell me what would be the right glue to use? Don't want to do this job twice. Thank you to all who can help. Merv
  3. Screw them to the roof. There should be plywood under the rubber covering. Be sure to seal screws and brackets with caulking. I use Dicor selfing caulking.
  4. Thanks to all who offered advice. I took the advice and ran a new wire. Old wire is still in with both ends disconnected and insulated. All is working well again.
  5. Carl. You test wire by connecting tester from wire to ground.
  6. Bill: 6VDC reading is on the wire coming from the battery boost switch. Even with both ends of wire disconnected it still reads 6VDC to ground. I'm thinking it is 12 gauge or even less. This wire should have zero voltage until battery boost switch is engaged. merv
  7. Yes, I find it odd to be half of operating voltage. That is why I think it must be pinched to a hot wire somewhere. I have considered running a new wire. However there must be voltage leaking through from somewhere. If not not repaired I feel it cold lead to a fire. You know, an electrical short. Maybe I'm over cautious. Thank you for your info. I just may end up doing that.
  8. I have 2004 Mandalay and I constantly have 6VDC to battery boost solenoid. With wire disconnected from both switch and solenoid I still have 6VDC on both ends of wire. When all connected I get proper 12VDC when switch is engaged. I assume the wire is picking up some leakage somewhere. Anyone got any suggestion where to start looking? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Merv
  9. Nothing wrong with Shell Rotella. I use it in Onan and Cat C7. Works great.
  10. I assume you mean the air filter housing. How long does it run? I don't see how magnets from rotor could get to air filter. They usually jam up in laminations and seize genny. Think you have other problems.
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