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  1. Thanks for the input. Located the flasher in the compartment in front of the DS front wheel. Also a 15 amp fuse right beside it. Fuse was bad. Replaced and all up and running. Thanks again.
  2. Started my 2011 Monaco Diplomat to find no turn signals or emergency flashers. All other lights, including brakes, fully operational. Turn signal activated side cameras inoperative via turn signal lever, but are operational by remote device. Have been unsuccessful in locating fuses, flasher, or relay. Did not find help in owners manual. Win Sr
  3. I suggested at the plant that refrigerant was the issue and they scoffed that off. I'm electronically ignorant, so I may have misunderstood their explanation on their "fix". But they pulled the standard 15 amp fuse, and moved the replacement to another position. The device they installed has prongs just like a regular fuse, but the body of the part itself is about 1" to 1-1/4" long. Labeled BUSS with multiple numbers.
  4. The dash A/C in my 2011 Monaco Diplomat cuts in and out. It totally failed about 9 months following purchase. Factory service determined the fuse was blown, and they replaced the fuse with a 15 amp relay. The A/C now runs great for a while, then cuts out (warm air). After 15 or 20 minutes, it kicks back in and cools. The ambient temp seems to be a factor in the frequency of the problem. I'm reluctant to increase the size of the relay in fear of overheating wiring. Can it be it be that simple?
  5. I've towed a 2007 H3 for several years. The owner's manual provides instructions on how to disengage the transfer case.
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