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  1. Positive it has one. Clearly marked "Black Tank Flush". I can follow the line to under the bathroom sink, I have tested the backflow preventer and followed the line under the shower and back behind the wet bay. The line goes forward towards the black tank which sits between the rear wheels / above the fuel tank. The inside of the tank is "cruddy" with years of neglect. Since I can't see the flush nozzle with a camera inside the tank I get the unenviable task of pressure washing inside the tank and hope I hit the flush nozzle enough to clean it - wherever it is. I may opt to cap it off and add a new nozzle. Even though it will be on the wrong end of the tank to push anything out, it will help clean the surfaces. Thanks, Michael
  2. This is our 8th or 9th RV and I've always been able to service most things but for the life of me I can't find the black tank flush nozzle on the tank. I've have good pressure through the backflow valve but nothing into the tank so I assume it's plugged. I've dropped a camera / scope into the tank and can see that's it's not been well cared for. There is enough stuff that I can't locate the flush nozzle from the inside either. I can trace all of the lines until they dissapear through a bulkhead for wards the driver side / front of the tank. Does anyone know of a hidden access to get to the nozzle? Thanks, Michael
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