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  1. Tom and Louise, Thank you for the response. Great information and thank you so much for dealers that we can contact. Great info to reinforce the awning. We will call tomorrow for appointments. We wish you well on your travels, thanks again for the info. Sam, We are slide stupid and didn't know that, so that is helpful information and we will check that to make sure. Thank you all. Charles
  2. We have a 2003 Monaco Monarch SE. It is gasoline/Workhorse 8.1/Allison tranny. We have two slides - living room and kitchen AND then a bedroom (the head of the bed is in the slideout). We got caught in some bad weather...Colorado...rain, sleet, hail, and lots of wind. The living room/kitchen slide has water leakage behind the drivers seat. We think the seal may be bad? In addition, our awning over the slideout is ripped in the middle from the stitching (where it attached to the top of the coach). It is still attached it just has a gap in the center of it. It leaked during the wind, but also leaked during just the rain. The bedroom slide which seemed to come through the worst weather fine - leaked last night, wet on each side of the head of the bed. Under the bed is dry. Another bad seal? And yes the wind ripped this awning also. We are currently in Wyoming, near Rawlins. We are headed to St. Louis to visit family, traveling along I-80 as far as Omaha, then onto 29 to Kansas City, and then onto I-70 St. Louis. Once we visit family in St. Louis area we are headed back to Arizona to spend the winter before we go home in April. We can just not put out the living room/kitchen slide and that is not any big deal so we can wait to get it fixed. The bedroom is a bit more difficult not to extend and would like to get it fixed soon. So...how expensive are seals to replace, if that is what is needed? Any other suggestions on what it could be. On the awnings does the entire thing have to be replaced or can they only replace the awning fabric? The roller/casing/etc is good. We have owned RVs for decades but this is the first one we have had with slides....because they always have problems... haha, the joke is on us. lol Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, anyone know any good RV repair people along our path? Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks, hope this makes sense. My internet here is sketchy at best but I will keep checking back for any responses. Charles
  3. Is there a group of Monaco owners that meet up in Jan. (2014) for the Quartzsite RV show? We are long time RVers but new to the Monaco family. Thanks
  4. It was the differential, it was a little low, had it serviced and coach is quiet again. Thanks
  5. Ok, thanks for the info. Called the shop where we get our work done and coach goes in on Wednesday. I will post the result, it may help someone else down the road! Charles
  6. We have a 2003 Monaco Monarch SE, gasoline, Workhorse chassis 8.1, Allison tranny, 32,000 miles. We are "sometimes" getting a whining noise. Can't tell if it is coming from engine or tranny. Seems to be on acceleration and deceleration, but not positive. No problem with anything (i.e., lots of power, etc.). Thanks! Charles
  7. Thank you Kay, Brett, Alan,John and Leary! We will work to switch some items from the left side storage to the right side to adjust as much as we can. But we are still under the maximum weight fully loaded so we are fine. Thanks on the correction on the weight, the error was mine on input. You made it read exactly as the weight slip stated. We are a workhorse chassis, gas engine. I have to remember to put that in any notes. Thanks John for the location of the weight info in the coach. Finding it really helped pull it all together. And the weight info links are very helpful! We are good now, thank you everyone for the assist! Charles
  8. We own a 2003 Monaco Monarch SE. Today we took it to have it weighed (this is a new rig to us). We wanted to make sure we were running correct tires and correct pressure in tires. Here are the figures we received, in pounds: left side - front axle 4160, rear axle 7420 right side - front axle 3620, rear axle 6620 total front axle weight - 7780 total rear axle weight - 14040 combined axle weight left side - 11,580 combined axle weight right side - 21820 (note from moderator. Actual total here is 10,240) Then it says my coach is heavy on which side? Left side. By how much? 1340 lbs. Is at least 1/3 of the total weight of my coach on the front axle? yes So now we have this data and are clueless what to do with it. We were told to run tire pressure of 100 in each tire in the front and 95 in each in the rear. What concerns us is being overweight. Is that what that really means? by 1,340 lbs? Wow! This floor plan has both slides on that left side, plus the kitchen is on that left side. We have looked for the weight tag in this coach but can't locate it. Does anyone know where to look for it so we can see what the actual weight was at manufacture date? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Charles
  9. Hi Thanks for the response. Just purchased this rig. We had a Bounder before and it did not wander like this one does. Question on tire pressure...should we run the tires at what it says on the tire? and/or get it weighed somewhere? It has new tires, the tire says 110, the tire place says only run them at 95...??? So they are at 95 right now.
  10. We have a 2003 Monarch SE. Workhorse chassis, it tends to wander some in the front end. We would appreciate any suggestions on how to improve. Shocks have been replaced with Konis. Coach has 32000 miles on it. 8.1 engine. Thanks
  11. Hi We just purchased a new RV (new to us anyway) and it has the Workhorse 8.1 with a 6 speed Allison tranny. It also has dual exhaust. It already has the Ultrapower Cold Air Intake installed. And it has had a chip added and fine tuned by the DYNO to verify proper engine function. On our old RV (a 93 Bounder with 454) we almost immediately had the complete Banks system installed. We are wondering if there is any value in installing the Banks System to the 8.1? When we spoke with the dealers we got mixed opinions...one said it is fine, don't do anything; one suggested only the partial system; the other suggested the entire system and would convert the dual exhaust to single exhaust. So as they are a lot about the money we are asking here to see what others have done and found successful or not successful. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Coach is a 2003 Monaco Monarch SE Terri
  12. Hi We just purchased a 2003 Monaco and it came with a portable satellite system, I think it is called the Cube. In our other RV we had the Kingdome, semi-automatic (manually input elevation, then told it to search to find azmuth) and it was great, we never had any issues. But that coach we bought brand new in 1993 and installed the Kingdome in 94. We are sure there have been lots of technological changes since then! :-) So we are looking for some assistance so that we make the best choice. We did go to Camping World to ask about them, and the man who helped us said buy the Winegard Trav'ler, there were no other options. We don't know if that is accurate or not. We use DIRECT tv, we have never taken our DVR with us, only the standard receiver but that is because the Kingdome was only set up for the standard receiver. So we would probably take the DVR with us if we had that capability in the coach. We do have a TV in the bedroom, but we never take a second receiver with us. We don't watch TV much in the bedroom. It needs to be automatic, at least as good as our Kingdome. Can anyone make suggestions as to what system would meet our requirements? We really appreciate the help.
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