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  1. The bulb is 60/55 watt & was installed at Monaco. I bought this coach new. All that you both mentioned has been checked. Thank you for your information. Mike
  2. I have a 2008 Dynasty with a headlight problem! The area where the bulb is plugged into on the back of the asembly, gets hot & will distort the bulb holder area. Voltage has been checked at batteries & light receptacles to 13.8V to 14.2 V. The headlight assembly gets so hot that the reflector shield will come lose & fall to the bottom of the fixture. The plug & wires feeding the lights are not affected. This melt down has happened twice. The coach only has 16,0000 miles on it & stored in a heated garage. The bulb is a Sylvania H13 9008. I have consulted with a Monaco Technician many times. They have never heard of this problem. If anyone has had this problem, I would appreciate any information. Mike
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