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  1. We sold our house and went full time in June. We spend most of our time on the lot we bought in the Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort in South Carolina. We were going to register the coach here until we found out they wanted $3000.00 to register.....EVERY YEAR!!! We looked into all of the states where registration is cheaper and settled on South Dakota because of cheap registration, no state income tax and not having to lie and say it was my permanent residence, we just had to fill out an affidavit that says we're "nomads". They don't call nomads for jury duty either. And about the condition of roads, I just drove from one side of South Dakota to the other and the roads were in great condition. I pay a lot of taxes, if the morons in government can't get their act together and reign in their ridiculous spending habits, it's not just roads you'll be complaining about. It's hard for me to have "civic pride" the way these idiots spend our money.
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