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  1. Hey All, We are considering the purchase of a 2003 GEORGETOWN 325D MOTORHOME with 17,000 miles and would appreciate any opinions on this coach. Thanks in advance for your info.
  2. You are correct HP a new assembly would surely fix the problem. I check on the cost and got quotes from $38 - $189 so I thought I would try to glue the lense first at a cost of $0 as I already have the glue.
  3. Just putting this out as an FYI. Our toad is an 05 Jeep Liberty and it has an intermittent but frequent problem of the passenger side brake light bulb burning out. After much electrical troubleshooting to no avail, while replacing the bulb for the umpteenth time today I discovered the cause. Inside the brake/turn/tail light assembly each bulb sits in its own little chamber and in the chamber there are reflector/refractor lenses that clip into place between the bulbs and the light assembly. The refector/refractor lens for the brake light has come loose and can be bumped into a position allowing it to make contact with the bulb which causes the bulb to overheat and crack. I had suspected rain was entering the light assembly and causing the bulbs to crack but today I noticed a small melt point on the loose lens. I have now glued the lens in place with Gorilla glue and should not have a repeat of this problem. Just thought others may have a similar issue...I hope this helps others.
  4. modemem

    Shutdown Road Trip

    Short weekend trip to Smokies and Cumberland Falls.
  5. modemem

    Cumberland Falls

    From the album: Shutdown Road Trip

    View from below.
  6. modemem

    Cumberland Falls

    From the album: Shutdown Road Trip

    View from above.
  7. From the album: Shutdown Road Trip

    Stopped over a night to see Cumberland Falls Park on the way home.
  8. From the album: Shutdown Road Trip

    The park was closed but the mountains were still there.
  9. Hello, Here is another site for you. http://www.rvdumps.com/dumpstations/
  10. We have resevations in Pigeon Forge at Pine Mountain RV Park starting this Friday. I hope Newfound Gap Road and Little River Road are open. If not we will make do. ;-)
  11. We have an older gas 1997 coach and use the Unified Tow Brake by US Gear. We tow a Jeep Liberty and are 100% satisfied with the brakes performance.
  12. We have a preset regulator that is 40 or 45 psi can't remember exactly but anything 45 psi or less should be acceptible.
  13. Taking a weekend trip Oct, 4, 5, and 6th to Pine Mountain RV Park in Pigeon Forge. This will be our first "Fall" trip to the Smokies. Has anyone stayed at Pine Mountain and would like to give a thumbs up or down? Looks like a nice park and we will have a pull thru site. http://www.pinemountainrvpark.com/index.html
  14. I put Turtle Beach in my favorites a month ago and will probably try it for a week or more. Thanks guys.
  15. Thanks Tom, I think we will make one reservation for our first stop and then take it week by week after that.
  16. Hello Gerald and Welcome to FMCA, These articles will answer your questions on towing http://www.fmca.com/motorhome/towing
  17. Chris and I will be going to Florida and/or the Gulf Coast as snowbirds this Winter. As newbies we welcome all advice and suggestionse. I'm more in favor of making reservations but the DW would rather move around more freely. What are your expieriences and suggestions? We only have one trip under our belts which was a week stay in Newport News/Virginia Beach area which by the way traveling from KY over I-64 at night towing our Jeep was an excellent learning expierience. Thanks guy and gals in advance. We will be leaving KY in Jan and returning Mar or Apr. P.S. I guess there is no way around winterizing the Vision and then de-winterizing once we are in the South.
  18. Thanks to all, General delivery will work! Thanks again, Bill & Chris.
  19. Hi bettyjo, I called that 800 number today as it is listed on the usps.com website as the go-to number for GD PO's amazingly the lady I talked to had no idea what GD was. She gave me a second number to call. The second number was a PO in St.Pete FL and they gave me a third and fourth number to call. Luckily the Gal at the 4th number was very helpfull but said the PO does not have a "list" of PO's that accept GD. I'm hoping there is a 3rd party list out there somewhere.
  20. Thanks mrboyer, only the larger PO's will accept general delivery. It is possible to find a PO that takes GD at usps.com but you must click on each PO link and search it's services offered to if does in fact accept GD. Not a big problem but a "list" would be simpler.
  21. Hi All, Does anyone know of a "list" of general delivery post offices? We will be traveling south this winter and will be moving weekly/monthly and our kids will be sending our mail from home to us from time to time. I know FMCA and the PO will forward mail for a fee but as we will move frequently I think general delivery will work better for us. When we are going to be settled for 2 weeks or longer the kids will just box up our mail and send it priority 2-3 days. It would be nice to have a list of which PO's are general delivery pick up locations. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. I have found these forums to be a goldmine of helpful information.
  22. modemem

    Virginia Beach August 2013

    Stayed at Newport News Campground and visited Virginia Beach, Jamestown, Yorktown, and saw the USS Enterprise as she is being dismantled.
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