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  1. From the album: Virginia Beach August 2013

    Newport News Virginia
  2. I was having problems with my fridge not cooling on gas even though the freezer was reaching zero. I pulled the unit out of the wall just far enough to tilt the top part into the hallway so I could remove the baffle in the chimney. After cleaning the baffle and chimney the fridge cools great and the freezer gets to about 15 below zero.
  3. I installed SteerSafe on my 1997 Rexhall Vision. It took me about 1 hour to complete the bolt on installation. I'm completely happy with the performance of the SteerSafe unit. I would describe my results as 90% improvement in handling and reduced driver fatigue.
  4. Hello Rich, Will do the pix ASAP.
  5. Thanks Rich, Checking the ground wire at the sensors is first on my list but the tanks have no visible access. The Rexhall service rep said "remove a basement panel to see the tanks" but could not tell me which panel to remove. The fresh and gray tanks are reading fine. The monitor is enclosed in the range exhaust hood again with no visible means of access. So I will continue to use the eyeball method for now. Bill.
  6. Hey All, I'm a newby and have a problem with my 1997 Rexhall Vision V-29. My black tank sensor reads empty all the time even when the tank is full. Granted it is easy to see when flushing if the tank is full but the co-pilot says "fix it". My question is how do I gain access to the tank and sensor? The black and grey tanks are enclosed in the basement area with no obvious access panels. Thanks in advance for any help given. Bill and Chris 1997 Rexhall Vision V-29 Ford F-53/460
  7. Ditto on Steer Safe...put it on our 1997 Ford E53 chassis and it was a dramatic improvement. Easy DIY installation.
  8. We have a 1997 Rexhall Vision V-29 that is 11 ft tall. Great Coach but hard to find used units in the east.
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