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  1. Go to http://www.sadoun.com/Sat/Products/JVI/Acutrac22Pro-MKII-Dual-Input-Satellite-signal-meter.htm and spend $99 and get yourself an Accutrac 22 pro installation meter. It had a battery that enables you to attempt setup without having to be tethered to your receiver. It has 2 meters in one that allows you to see two satelites at once and have their signal strength reported to you. I have had one for years and where other folks cannot get a signal, this works. In addition, for iPhone, download the app SATFINDER. This app allows you to look 'through' the camera and 'see' the satellites AND whether there are obstructions in your way, like trees, bushes, etc. Also be VERY careful that you are not under overhanging bushes/limbs. The 'attack' angle is usually pretty high and easily an overhanging limb will block the signal. This device will work for ALL satellites including Hughesnet and you can select the ones you want to look for. Just be SURE that you have phone service before you attempt to use. I always set mine prior to getting to the campground just to be sure because the 'picture' will be pretty close. It will be perfect if you have service at the spot on which you are standing, but your compass on the iPhone needs to be working. Been there, done that from North Carolina to North Dakota to Big Bend to Stanley, Idaho.
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